The best home office ideas for couples

Two Laptops on Desk

Two Laptops on Desk

A major problem of working from home is isolation. But it may be with a sense of trepidation you welcome a partner into your working space.

With this in mind, we decided to take a look at ideas for sharing your home office. What kind of home office furniture arrangement would work best? We offer insight on everything from a wooden desk to share, to storage options you’re sure to love.

Independent or collaborative?

It may be that you work for two separate companies and your daily activities can be quite different. Or maybe you work for your own business or the way in which you work is similar. Your home office design is dependent on your interaction type – whether that is independent or collaborative.


When daily tasks and activities will differ between you and office-sharing partner, you will probably work best;

Woman Working on Reclaimed Wood Desk

Facing away from each other – if interaction is minimal or occasional, then separate workstations can create the office space you both need. As well as chairs on wheels, consider a large desk or an L -shaped home office desk each to create bespoke workstations.

Storage – consider what storage each of you needs but don’t assume it will be the same for both of you. If you don’t want a mismatched look, why not consider investing in a large sideboard, perfect for hiding away a myriad of documents, paperwork and other office paraphernalia?

Lansdowne Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Accessories and greenery – just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t opt for comfort. Accessories help to make the home office feel homely without feeling fussy or too corporate. And don’t forget a ‘social’ or relax area with sumptuous seating. Plants are also a home office must too. Why not place on an open shelving unit? Reclaimed wood shelves look wonderful in a home office.


Men Working on Desk

Working together brings out creativity but there are times even in a collaborative home office, that you need privacy and your own space, especially when it comes to the home desk.

Facing each other – if you enjoy each other’s company, this is a great way to work or if you intend to work on projects together, arranging wooden large desks back to back is the ideal solution. If you have the space, two larger desks like the Colette reclaimed wood writing desk, would create an island with plenty of worktop space but also stop you feeling like you are more or less on top of each other.

Colette Reclaimed Wood Desk

Storage – choosing a desk with storage is part of your storage solutions and for many, this fulfils all their storage needs. However, if you need extra, as well as a large sideboard as suggested earlier, creating a bank of open shelving and cupboards is perfect for when you both need to store things.

Chalfont Industrial Wood Bookcase

Lighting – adequate office lighting is required in any office, whether you work alone or with a partner. Consider desk lamps as essential, with backlighting forming a pleasant backdrop, but always be aware of not working in shade.

Style and the home office

If there is one thing about the home office that is leaps and bounds ahead of ‘official’ workspaces is that you can ditch the anonymous corporate style and opt for your own stylish home office instead. Reclaimed wood furniture offers so many options, from the industrial look to the minimal, yet warm Scandinavian appeal.

All you need to do is agree with your home office partner on which style to opt for…