Top tips to style 5 rustic sideboards 5 ways

five wooden sideboards for top tips to style 5 rustic sideboards 5 ways

A solid wood sideboard works well in so many rooms – in the dining room, in a spacious hallway, in the kitchen, and of course in the living room. While they provide plenty of hidden storage on the outside what can you do with the top of them to turn them into an eye-catching focal point in your room? Here we show you how to style your wooden sideboard with five hot interior themes.

1. Boho vibes

The Serenity Reclaimed Wood Sideboard is a feature piece all on its own. The reclaimed solid wood from which it has been crafted is arranged into a striking pattern which is inset with detail. Give this sideboard a Boho look by adding natural elements like bamboo, dried grasses and terracotta to mimic the free-spirited and carefree nature of boho style. Coordinate this in your room with with layers of pattern, texture and warm colours, a perfect style match for natural rustic furniture.

2. Nordic Noir

The Nordic look is a popular as ever giving your room a cool and airy Scandi vibe. The Chelwood Nordic reclaimed wood sideboard has been styled with darker elements that contrast with the pale wood while still maintaining a cosy kind of minimalism. Here the solid wood has been paired with dark metal, as well as a houseplant in a smoked glass feature vase. The Nordic style embraces natural light and minimalist clean lined modern furniture.

pale wood reclaimed wood sideboard with three drawers and two cupboards

3. Loft Living

Even if you don’t live in a loft you can still embrace the industrial look. Here we are looking at how to dress an industrial sideboard. The industrial interior style showcases utilitarian materials such as wood, metal, brick and cement. The Standford Medium Industrial Wooden Sideboard is crafted from hand-sawn reclaimed wood and nixon black distressed steel legs. A rustic sideboard with slick metal detailing that will bring in an instant NYC loft look.

4. Distant shores

You can give a dark wood rustic sideboard an oriental overhaul to create a zen-like relaxing space influenced by the tropical shores of the Far East. We feel this look is perfect on the Knightsbridge sideboard. Strand a large leafy pot plant on the floor next to it and on the surface add grey pots and decorative accessories and a couple more small lush and leafy house plants to give a contemporary feel.

reclaimed wood sideboard with rustic wood beside large palm plant

5. Coastal chic

This works perfectly with a white painted sideboard, such as our Dorset Reclaimed Wood Large Sideboard, to bring in a relaxed easy- going vibe, coastal chic incorporates natural elements in a faded, washed-out finish. Its netural colour scheme is peppered with hints of green, grey and blue reminiscent of the sea. For this look you want white stone pots, mimicking pebbles or shells, grey wood, reminiscent of drift wood and “sailing” ropes.

white painted reclaimed wood sideboard