How To Get That Hotel Pristine Bedroom Look At Home

How to get that hotel pristine bedroom look at home

white hotel bedroom with grey king size bed frame

We have all been impressed by the luxurious look of a 5 Star hotel room. The beautiful décor, stunning view, and elegant furnishings have given many homeowners reason to start planning their next holiday right from the hotel room they are currently in.

One of the best features of that luxury hotel room is the bedroom, of course. Many luxury hotels will choose interior furnishings from some of the biggest names in home fashions and then go over the top when it comes to comfort. If the average thread count is 1200, they will go 2000. When other hotels are creating smaller spaces with minimalistic sized beds, luxury hotels will offer a massive wooden king size bed that seem impossible to even get up to the room, let alone in the door. Then you have the myriad of pillows, linens, cushions, and throws that add to the opulence and make it one of the most comfortable places in the world to be. That is, until you design your own bedroom.

Turning your bedroom into something mimicking the finest hotels is no small feat, but it can be done. With some helpful tips and a selection of stylishly designed home goods, you can get that hotel pristine bedroom look at home.

Let’s take a look:

How To Get That Hotel Pristine Bedroom Look At Home

Making The Bed The Centrepiece- your bed should be the focal point of the room and it should stand out. Choose a bed that is large and stately, then either panel the area around it or frame it with an equally impressive wooden headboard. A solid wood bed frame always makes a statement and adds a luxurious warmth to a bedroom.

king size solid wooden bed frame

Dress The Bed Properly- using a selection of colour coordinated cushions, pillows, and throws, you can create a comfy space that rivals just about any 5 Star hotel.

Choose The Right Paint- the right colour for your wall depends on your own specific style and the mood you are trying to create. Choose modern colours including shades of grey or similar hues in blue or taupe.

Add Stylish, Modern Décor- once you have your furnishings in place and have chosen your wall colours and the linens you like, it’s time to finish the space with stylish, modern décor. This will give your room character while filling in those empty spaces.

Make It Your Own- one of the best ways to create a truly beautiful space in your home is to personalise it. Making your room your own with décor items that are special to you or that have been handed down throughout generations in your family will make your space even more beautiful and unique.

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