What should I put on my dining room table?

spider leg dining table with grey runner

We see image upon image of stunning table centrepieces on various social media platforms all styled to perfection! In this blog, we look at some gorgeous centrepiece ideas to make your reclaimed wood dining table Insta-worthy….


Candlesticks are a classic table centrepiece that never loose their style. Historically essential as the main source of light for diners sat around the table, we now tend to use candles to bring atmosphere and ambience to the room. They make the perfect centrepiece for any dining table with so many different styles and colours available you are bound to find just the right thing for your table

Fresh or dried flowers

A floral table display is another classic dining table decoration – some believe the origins of using flowers to decorate a home goes right back to the Romans who used them to scent their home and of course they look pretty too! Your floral table decoration can be either fresh cut seasonal flowers, or for something more permanent, you can opt for a dried bouquet. Dried flowers look particularly good on a reclaimed dining table and are just perfect for a farmhouse table. Before going out and buying the biggest bouquet for your dining table think about how it will sit on the table with your serving dishes and of course your diners. If you pass platters around then consider a lower level decoration – if you have a long table or a wooden extendable dining table consider two or even three smaller arrangements to place along the middle of the table.

industrial dining table with large vase of flowers

A cluster

A cluster decoration would look great on a round table – designers like using odd numbers so go for three or five coordinating or contrasting items to create interest on your table. You can use a mix of vases, candlesticks, serving bowls and small houseplants.

industrial dining table with industrial wooden bench

A table runner

Although the wood on a rustic dining table is already stunning on its own, a linen runner can add contrast and an anchor to ‘frame’ your centrepiece. We have opted for industrial themed table decorations in grey and black which are displayed here on the Lansdowne industrial dining table. The industrial look can be softened by adding coordinating cushions and houseplants.

rustic dining table with white fabric dining chairs

A tray

If you like a practical centrepiece for your table then you can simply stick to dining table essentials – instead of the table looking cluttered with little bits and bobs then arrange mats, coasters, cutlery, salt and pepper pots on a tray that will sit in the centre of your table. Using a tray makes the centrepiece look like one item on the table, it will also keep these items together when they’re not in use.

wooden dining table with black wooden legs

Seasonal fruit

A fruit bowl is always a good display item – remember those plastic fruits we all went mad for in the 70’s and 80’s?!! Well now we all want to eat more fruit it is a great reminder for all who walk past the table – especially for kids! Or go for something more decorative with interesting looking fruits and vegetables in a bowl – it will get the conversation started, for sure.