How to instantly make your old dining room look luxurious

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Hoxton Oak Farmhouse Dining Table with dining chairs

Your dining room is one of the most important rooms in your home.

But getting the right look, style and feel to the dining room can be difficult. The dining table and chairs can look cumbersome, the décor tired and if storage is an issue, it can look cluttered too.

The answer is to revamp the dining room but what about the budget?

The good news is that with small changes that cost very little, you can have the luxurious dining room you crave.

New Chairs, Same Table

The easiest and most affordable way of instantly updating the look of your dining room is to change the chairs.

There are many ways of doing this;

These black velvet dining chairs with lion knocker detail to the back of the chair add a certain elegance to a dining room. Black is a dramatic colour, velvet a sumptuous fabric to feel and the silver bead edging make these black dining chairs ideal focal points in a room.

    Black Dining Chair With Lion Knocker
    These grey velvet dining chairs have a subtle feel. There is something beautifully chic about these grey dining chairs. Lower backed, they are no less comfortable. The wooden legs and frame are ideal to match an oak table or similar reclaimed wood dining table.

      Luxe Sasha Dining Chair (pair)
      Smaller dining rooms can feel crowded, especially if you have dining chairs with high backs and armrests. These modern upholstered dining chairs, with their mirrored legs, are ideal for adding a modern feel to a dining room, but the elegant grey coloured fabric of these modern dining chairs adds depth and texture too.

          Top tip: look for the smaller details on a dining chair are as well as style, fabric and colour. The lion knocker on the black dining chairs, for example, or the mirrored, classic leg of the armless, upholstered dining chairs mentioned above are the details that add a layer of luxury to a room.

          Paint the Walls

          Of course, giving the dining room an updated feel is not just about the wood table and great chairs. Any furniture is given a different appeal when the colour of the walls changes.

          Keep the drama with a dark coloured ceiling but only if you have the height in a room. For smaller rooms, stick to neutral tones and colours on walls and ceilings.

          Grey Highlander Canvas Art

          Using wallpaper in the latest pattern and colours also make a for a great feature wall, an ideal way to pull out focal points in the dining room such as a fireplace.

          Or add a focal point with fantastic wall art. Mirrors and other wall accessories work really well too. Large wall clocks, for example, sit well with any interior design style but for a rustic dining set or a solid wood dining table, there is a certain harmony between it and the over-sized roman numerals.


          As well as dressing the walls, adding small details to existing dining room furniture will also give it a new lease of life. It can be something as simple (and affordable) as clustering tall, elegant candlesticks on a sideboard.

          Calla Pewter Candle Holder

          Accessories also add a hint of sparkle and luxury and again, work well with any interior design scheme. If you are nervous about adding ‘permanent’ detail to a room, ornate serving ware is the ideal choice. You can use any piece you choose when you want.

          Updating your dining room doesn’t mean buying an expensive dining table and chairs set. What have you got to work with?