What your first dining room must have

dorset trestle table with dining bench and chairs

Hudson Living Kielder Oak Dining Table with dining chairs and wooden bench

It is a moment unlike any other. The day you have the keys to your first house dropped into your palm will fill you with equal measure of excitement and dread.

You have what feels like acres of space to fill with furniture and stylish accessories. But with money in short supply, creating a functional and stylish space is a daunting task.

Friends and family will rally round and before you know it, you have more pans and tea towels than you will ever need.

Reclaimed Furniture and Gifts

Re-claimed furniture, along with mismatched wooden dining chairs give your dining room a pleasing stylish look. It may be eclectic, but it is yours.

Don’t refuse all furniture as some of it with sanding down and a coat of furniture paint can actually make a for a stylish stop-gap until you can afford the items you want.

Choose a Style

Dorset Purbeck Reclaimed Wood Extendable Trestle Table with dining bench

Important rooms like the dining room look chaotic in style when there is no obvious or overriding style. There are various looks you can opt for but what can work well because they are fresh and versatile are the Scandinavian or the rustic style.

Both use a lot of wood and other natural materials. Rustic furniture is all about texture, the roughness of raw wood, the exposing of brick and other materials.

The Scandinavian style is equally as appealing – use lighter woods with a smooth finish and choose natural fabrics, such as wool, to finish the look.

Creating the Look Without the Price Tag

Hudson Living Wycombe Oak Dining Table with wooden dining chairs and bench

You want your house to look like a home, your home. And there are ways of getting your hands on stylish pieces of furniture without breaking the bank.

Look for ex-display items for sale! These can be at a great knock down prices. Check for dings, dents and colour bleaching – remember, you are buying ex-display items as seen, so inspect the piece thoroughly before you buy.

A bargain on one piece means you can splurge a little on another. Don’t forget, dining room furniture items are some of the things that will be with you for years to come. This pleasingly solid wishbone chair, for example, could be the piece you pass on to future generations.

It’s Not Just the Dining Furniture

Amalfi Free Standing Mirror in living room

The final look to your dining room is not just down to the Scandinavian dining table or the exquisite ex-display fabric dining chairs – it is about the accessories too.

And here’s the good news – the majority of these items are stylish AND within budget. Better still, they are versatile so when you change your style in a few years, they simply slip into their new place within it.

  • Wall art – you can opt for ultra-modern pieces or enjoy canvases that look stunning. These animal art canvases are bound to be conversation pieces, especially the ‘Laughing Donkey’.
  • Mirrors – great for adding light to a space, mirrors make a statement too. Opt for ornate celestial mirrors or for maximum impact, choose full-length mirrors.
  • Serving pieces – they will be invaluable at your first dinner party and great for adding detail to the dining room. Choose from stylish salad bowls to dip bowls for informal parties.

Choose key features of an interior design style, such as Scandinavian chairs for the dining room, and build the rest of the room around it. And remember, unique furniture is part and parcel of buying your first home…