How to keep your bedroom tidy if you are lazy

Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture with Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers

Let’s be honest, at the end of a busy day, the last thing you feel like doing is putting clothes away or finding storage space for all the little things. But on the other hand, you crave a minimal, clutter-free bedroom that you can sink into.

With National Lazy Day on August 10th, we thought we would look at some great ideas for the bedroom, with heaps of easy and accessible storage solutions both for modern bedroom furniture and older styles that make keeping your bedroom tidy a quick and easy task.

Kitting out Your Bedroom

English Beam Marlow Reclaimed Wood Bed

The singular, most important aspect of keeping any room tidy and clutter-free – especially the bedroom – is to kit it out with all the right furniture.

We think you should take a look at the Scandinavian style as this has long been known how for dressing a room with more than enough storage, without swamping the space with furniture.

There is also the appeal of the rustic look, the harmony of natural materials in a not-too-polished state. It is calm and simple, with fantastic solutions for the bedroom.

With these two popular interior design styles in mind, we have created the simple guide to keeping your bedroom tidy and clutter-free without breaking a sweat or spending hours doing it.

Out of Sight Storage

Rustic Reclaimed Under The Bed Wooden Bedroom Storage

One of the simplest and easiest ways of hiding away a load of clutter until you have time to sort through it and pop it back in its place is the ‘trunk’.

And thankfully, with both the Scandinavian and rustic styles, there are fantastic solutions:

Brown Leather Storage Footstool

  • Under the bed – flinging stuff under the bed is a favourite ‘hideaway’ for things that we not quite sure what to do with. However, with an under the bed storage drawer you don’t need to fling things other, never to be seen again. With two lovely round knobs, sliding the drawer in and out from underneath the bed is super easy and so there is no excuse for not putting things away.
  • Storage stool – the Scandinavian style mixes natural materials, such as smooth, light woods with leather and wool fabrics. And this is why, if you have a light, modern and airy bedroom, this leather footstool is the ideal solution for quick storage solution when time and effort is lacking.
  • Bed side tables (with a difference) – As well as keeping it at the foot of the bed, why not consider blanket chest type storage for next to the bed? Makes a great alternative to a bedside table and great for hiding books away too.

Plenty of storage space

We sometimes underestimate the amount of storage space we need in the bedroom and so when it comes to planning bedroom furniture, take a look at small, medium and tall chest of drawers, a bit like this painted bedroom furniture. Create cohesion with matching pieces such as an oak wardrobe with matching oak chest of drawers and the like.

Quick fix

Clearly, replacing bedroom furniture may be a leap too far in relation to your budget and so a quick fix – like the under-bed drawers and a blanket chest – is ideal. Another quick fix is wooden shelving, a great addition to any bedroom but works well with both the rustic and Scandinavian interior design styles.

The key to all storage solutions is easy access, so no matter what you choose for the bedroom, making sure it is super-easy to use – like pulling a drawer open…