Easy tips on how to style your dining area with art

Laughing Donkey Canvas Wall Art

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table and Florence Dining Chairs

Your dining room is potentially one of the most social spaces in your home. With dinner parties and big occasions like Christmas often revolving around the dining room, it offers the perfect backdrop for displaying your beautiful art.

Often dining rooms are purely practical and can lack personality. With a dining room having to focus around your dining table, in a small room there can be little room for extra furniture and large decor pieces. This is why art is perfect for making a statement in the dining room.

Dazzle your guests with contemporary art in your dining room whilst you cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a great way of adding drama and interest to your space, without needing to take up any floor space. A gallery wall lends itself to a more eclectic finish so feel free to get creative with colour for a modern pop. However, you could also match the colour palette to the rest of your room, or even opt for a monochrome look for a more glamorous space.

Becoming a statement in your dining room, you can keep the rest of your decor very simple. Farmhouse furniture tends to be fairly simple in its style, letting the natural character of wood shine through. A light wood rustic farmhouse table with complimentary wooden dining chairs will be the perfect accompaniment to a gallery wall.

Laughing Donkey Canvas Wall Art

When it comes to selecting art, try and find one or two pieces you adore and make them the centrepiece. This will make it easier to arrange the wall, and give you a focal point to work around. The Laughing Donkey Canvas would make a stunning statement on any dining room wall and ties in perfectly with farmhouse and reclaimed wooden furniture.

Don’t hang it

Add some more depth to your walls by not hanging art on the walls. If you have a white dresser or sideboard, layer one or two canvases leaning against the wall for a more modern take on art. Go for a white on white look with the focus being the art. You could even put several pieces of art on the floor, which works especially well with larger pieces.

Grey Hare Canvas Wall Art

The light colours of the Grey Hare Canvas is perfect for pairing with white furniture, especially if you opt to have reclaimed wood elements too. Place the art on your sideboard, with a couple of smaller pieces, perhaps in decorative silver frames, to bring the colours together and add chic country style.

Use shape to create contrast

Shape is the best way to create interest in your so if you go for a clean, geometric look with your furniture, a softer, more eclectic finish with your art work looks great. Alternatively, if you have gone for an organised display of art with several pieces all the same size, unique furniture is great. Try to find an oak or reclaimed wood dining table with a unique edge or even base to create an elegant statement.

Allegro Live Edge Oak Dining Table with Dining Chairs

Use shelves

Large shelving units, or even shelves fixed to the wall are great for creating a living wall of art, where you can change your artwork as you please. You could fill the entire space with canvas and framed pieces, add in new (and old) old family photographs, vintage prints or even mix it up with decor pieces to keep it fresh. You don’t even need to necessarily change the art – a new arrangement of the frames can completely transform the look of your room.

Blue Cross Back Dining Chair pair

If you find pieces which stick within a colour scheme, you could even tie it in with your furniture. This will create a well thought-out, sleek appearance which also allows you to play around with colour. For example, in a display which uses a lot of blue, place blue chairs around a farmhouse dining table.

Create balance with symmetry

It can be tempting to mimic the shape of your table and placing horizontal artwork on the walls. But to create a statement, portrait or square artwork can look fantastic.

Then, when it comes to chairs, opt for fabric dining chairs for luxurious style which doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. A round club chair design works well. A unique rounded based with a padded seat offers eye-catching design and will make for a statement dining room.

Black and White Dining Chair Rose Gold Frame

With the rose golden base of the black dining chair, the warm brown tones of the the Stag Canvas works beautifully. You could even select another animal from the collection and place the two next to one another.

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