How to make your rental feel like home

Cream sofa bed with industrial coffee table

When you live in rented accommodation, you can often feel as if it isn’t really your own home, particularly when it is a short-term rental and you can’t add the reclaimed wood furniture you want or decorate it to your own taste; and a quick read of your rental agreement will soon show you all the things that you cannot do. It can often make it harder to relax and unwind in a space when you feel you can’t stamp your own mark on a property. However, all is not lost. Read on as we explore the clever hacks you can do to make your rental feel more like home.

Consider your furniture

The right furniture is a sure fire way of helping to add your own style to your rental. If you don’t have much space, pick a couple of key pieces that will work well. Rustic furniture is a great way of adding warmth and character to any property. An industrial bookcase will not only provide you with a good storage solution but will also offer some display opportunities that will help to make your rental feel like home. Another key piece to consider is a wooden sideboard – it will afford you some much-needed storage and again, a surface where you can add your own personality and style.

Incorporate some plants

Studies have shown that adding greenery to a space can help to improve your mood, so invest in some plants to place around your home. Opt for a range of different-sized pots with different types of foliage from succulents to a larger palm. Hanging plants are popular, but use strong removable hooks to hang them. If you don’t have a great track record with plants, opt for fake ones or dried flowers and grasses make eye-catching displays.

white sofa with bamboo coffee table with large glass vase and dried leaves

Try removable wallpaper

This is an incredibly versatile way in which you can add your own personality to your rental without damaging the walls. It is super easy to put up, and more importantly, easy to take down as well! You don’t need to limit its use to the walls either. Use it to add a splash of colour to the front or insides of a wooden wardrobe or even the back of a bookcase. As its removable you can be as bold and daring as you like.

wooden console table against pillar with blossom wallpaperImage credit Shutterstock_Jafara

Add some artwork

If you want to hang artwork on the walls then remember to use a product like picture strips. They’re strong enough to hold your artwork but gentle enough to be removed from the walls when you leave without leaving a mark. You could also consider removable stickers. These are an increasingly popular choice with people looking to add a touch of personality to a wall, whether they rent or not.

Another option is to make use of a surface or mantlepiece and layer prints and artwork against the wall or for more of a statement, place oversized frame or mirror on the floor and lean against the wall.

grey sofa bed with industrial coffee table and square side table

Let lighting change the mood

The right lighting can make all the difference to a room. Remember though, that good lighting is about more than just replacing the shade, or adding one where there is only a bare standard bulb (although this will instantly make a difference). Lighting can also be improved by replacing a harsh bulb with something softer. A simple change like this can alter the entire mood of a room. You could also add a small lamp to somewhere like a mango wood side table to create a different mood if you’re stuck with something on the ceiling that you’re not so keen on.

industrial side table next to grey fabric sofa

And finally….accessorise

Lastly, a very simple way to make your rental feel homely and welcoming is to add some good quality accessories that express your personality or even a particular style you are trying to emulate, such as rustic, industrial or farmhouse. Look for cushions, rugs, curtains and other textiles that will work well with the reclaimed wood furniture you may have selected to help make your space feel like a place that you can really call home.

white bedroom with rustic bedroom side table and king size bed with grey cushions

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