Neutral bedroom decor ideas: why it’s timeless

wooden bed in white bedroom with hanging chair

The neutral colour scheme is one that never truly goes out of fashion. Whilst we may see bold, vibrant colours becoming the “must have” colours for the season, they never really last. There is something so soothing and enduring about a more neutral palette, much like reclaimed wood furniture. Plus, it is this characteristic that lends itself so well to many rooms in the home but in particular the bedroom. So, if you are looking to create a calm and cool cocoon this summer, then why not get some inspiration from our neutral bedroom ideas.

Colour palette

When it comes to neutral, there are a lot more colours to consider than many people realise. There is certainly more to a neutral palette than just white or cream; beiges and greys work just as well and can provide a welcome change from the more often used shades, which can sometimes fall a little flat without the right accessories to back them up. The good thing is that just about every shade in the neutral spectrum will work really well in with rustic furniture, which is in itself somewhat neutral in colour.

solid wood bed with pink covers in a grey coloured bedroom

Rustic furniture

As we have already mentioned, the natural woods of rustic furniture make them an ideal choice for a neutral colour scheme in the bedroom. But it is more than just the colour that makes it a great complement. The naturally occurring patterns that you will find in wood work so well with a range of different shades from the neutral spectrum. A rustic bedside table, for example, would look perfect against a neutral wall and really give the wood a chance to stand out, creating something of a focal point. Plus, much like a neutral colour scheme, rustic furniture has a timeless quality that means it doesn’t date, in fact, it improves as the years go by.

Discrete storage

The neutral look is one that aims to be as relaxing as possible, and one of the best ways of achieving this is with minimal clutter. Discreet storage is your friend if you want to pull off a neutral bedroom decor properly, so invest in a wooden bed with drawers, bedside cabinets and a good solid wood wardrobe.

White bedroom furniture

If you don’t want to go down the natural wood route with your bedroom furniture, then why not consider white or some other colour from the neutral palette. Painting furniture with a neutral shade can be a great way of upcycling a piece of older furniture that is in need of a bit of TLC. 

Natural textures

The neutral colour scheme lends itself very well to a range of natural textures. Crisp white linen for your bedding and fluffy or faux fur rugs for the floor – these all work really well against a neutral backdrop. Don’t forget a house plant or some real or dried flowers as well to help bring the beauty of the outdoors in and add the finishing touches to your timeless, beautiful, neutral bedroom.

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How to make your rental feel like home

Cream sofa bed with industrial coffee table

When you live in rented accommodation, you can often feel as if it isn’t really your own home, particularly when it is a short-term rental and you can’t add the reclaimed wood furniture you want or decorate it to your own taste; and a quick read of your rental agreement will soon show you all the things that you cannot do. It can often make it harder to relax and unwind in a space when you feel you can’t stamp your own mark on a property. However, all is not lost. Read on as we explore the clever hacks you can do to make your rental feel more like home.

Consider your furniture

The right furniture is a sure fire way of helping to add your own style to your rental. If you don’t have much space, pick a couple of key pieces that will work well. Rustic furniture is a great way of adding warmth and character to any property. An industrial bookcase will not only provide you with a good storage solution but will also offer some display opportunities that will help to make your rental feel like home. Another key piece to consider is a wooden sideboard – it will afford you some much-needed storage and again, a surface where you can add your own personality and style.

Incorporate some plants

Studies have shown that adding greenery to a space can help to improve your mood, so invest in some plants to place around your home. Opt for a range of different-sized pots with different types of foliage from succulents to a larger palm. Hanging plants are popular, but use strong removable hooks to hang them. If you don’t have a great track record with plants, opt for fake ones or dried flowers and grasses make eye-catching displays.

white sofa with bamboo coffee table with large glass vase and dried leaves

Try removable wallpaper

This is an incredibly versatile way in which you can add your own personality to your rental without damaging the walls. It is super easy to put up, and more importantly, easy to take down as well! You don’t need to limit its use to the walls either. Use it to add a splash of colour to the front or insides of a wooden wardrobe or even the back of a bookcase. As its removable you can be as bold and daring as you like.

wooden console table against pillar with blossom wallpaperImage credit Shutterstock_Jafara

Add some artwork

If you want to hang artwork on the walls then remember to use a product like picture strips. They’re strong enough to hold your artwork but gentle enough to be removed from the walls when you leave without leaving a mark. You could also consider removable stickers. These are an increasingly popular choice with people looking to add a touch of personality to a wall, whether they rent or not.

Another option is to make use of a surface or mantlepiece and layer prints and artwork against the wall or for more of a statement, place oversized frame or mirror on the floor and lean against the wall.

grey sofa bed with industrial coffee table and square side table

Let lighting change the mood

The right lighting can make all the difference to a room. Remember though, that good lighting is about more than just replacing the shade, or adding one where there is only a bare standard bulb (although this will instantly make a difference). Lighting can also be improved by replacing a harsh bulb with something softer. A simple change like this can alter the entire mood of a room. You could also add a small lamp to somewhere like a mango wood side table to create a different mood if you’re stuck with something on the ceiling that you’re not so keen on.

industrial side table next to grey fabric sofa

And finally….accessorise

Lastly, a very simple way to make your rental feel homely and welcoming is to add some good quality accessories that express your personality or even a particular style you are trying to emulate, such as rustic, industrial or farmhouse. Look for cushions, rugs, curtains and other textiles that will work well with the reclaimed wood furniture you may have selected to help make your space feel like a place that you can really call home.

white bedroom with rustic bedroom side table and king size bed with grey cushions

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A guide to painting and decorating your home in a weekend

a guide to painting and decorating your home in a weekend

couple painting a wall for a quick guide to painting and decorating in a weekend blog

The coming long bank holiday weekend could be the perfect time to tackle those home decorating jobs you’ve been putting off all year. With this in mind, we have put together a handy guide to help you to get started, with tips on preparation, colours, furniture and trends.

What you need before you start decorating

The key to being efficient when it comes to decorating is to spend time preparing beforehand. If you are simply looking to refresh your rooms, be it your living room, dining room or bedroom then painting is the easiest way to do this.

Make sure that you have all the right equipment; paint trays, rollers, brushes masking tape, decorator’s caulk (in case you need to fill in any small cracks), sugar soap and cloths, dust sheets – either plastic or fabric, and ladders.

If you are planning to put up any wallpaper, then you will need paste, a pasting table, a small roller (for air bubbles), a ruler, scissors and a knife.

Prepare your space

room being prepared to be painted

To make your decorating go as smoothly as possible, you can do much of the preparation in advance. First, check your walls and fill in any small cracks. Wash your walls down with sugar soap to remove any dust, debris and grease – this will make it easier to paint.

Don’t forget to move your rustic dining table and any other reclaimed wood furniture away from the walls and cover them where necessary to avoid the damage caused by stray drips of paint.

reclaimed wood dining table with wooden dining bench

Consider your colours

Picking the right colours for your home is, for many, one of the best parts of giving a room a makeover. If you are just refreshing your current colour, then this can be a very easy task, however if you are thinking about really changing things up with a completely different look then there are a couple of things to consider.

If you have an industrial coffee table, for example, then think about what colours will work well – neutral colours fit the industrial look well, but so do bold and dark colours. For a pretty industrial look consider pastels, for a more bohemian industrial look then consider a monochrome palette. Why not check out our blogs from Little Green and Earthborne Paints for more colour ideas.

industrial coffee table in living room

Make sure you get enough paint

There really is nothing worse than seeing the finish line with your decorating only to find you don’t have enough paint. Some brands of paint recommend more coats than others so once you have chosen your shade you will need to measure your room to work out how much you should purchase. As long as you haven’t purchased a specially mixed shade, you can return unopened cans to most good DIY stores.

Painting trends

The last thing to think about when painting and decorating your home is the other areas you might want to paint. Painting the ceiling is very on-trend, but can be tricky. Do this first so you don’t get splashes on your newly painted walls and remember to cover furniture that can’t easily be moved like a solid wood bed or a wooden sideboard. You may also want to think about picking the same colour for your skirting and coving – this decorating trick will make your rooms appear taller.

tins of paint with paint colour chart

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10 Easy home refresh projects for a long weekend

10 easy home refresh projects for the Jubilee weekend blog

couple painting a room for 10 easy home refresh projects blog

There is something about a bank holiday that drives people to try and do all of those garden, DIY, and home refresh projects that they have been putting off. Take a look at our list of 10 easy projects you may want to tackle during the Jubilee weekend.

1. Clean your kitchen cupboards

It’s one of those jobs that we put off all too often, but is greatly satisfying to undertake. So why not take some time to empty your cupboards, clean them and even make a list of things you want to use up. Check out This Girl Can Organise for some great tips.

2. Refresh your sofas

If your sofas are looking a little tired, then give them a new lease of life with some new covers for your cushions. This is a great time to try a new colour or pattern. If you are handy with a sewing machine, then you could make your own, but if you aren’t, then why not treat yourself to a shopping trip to purchase some.

woman at sewing machine for 10 easy home refresh projects blog

3. Elevate your entrance

The entrance to your home is the first impression you give to your visitors, so give it a little bit of attention. Paint the front door, organise your hallway, and add a bench, some shoe storage, and some hooks for coats. Add a piece of rustic furniture to help break up a longer hallway, and if your hallway lacks natural light, a mirror can help to give the impression of light and space.

grey reclaimed wood storage bench with rattan baskets

4. Jet wash your patio or balcony

Outside space is just as important as inside your home, especially if you are planning a get together over the Jubilee weekend. Give your patio or balcony a jet wash. Don’t forget to pay particular attention to your outdoor furniture, clean any cushions and give your outdoor dining table and chairs some love. A faux rattan garden set will need different maintenance than a wooden garden set, so check out our blog on how to make your outdoor furniture last longer for some handy tips.

5. Upcycle an old piece of furniture

wooden chairs being painted and upcycled

If you have an older piece of furniture that is a little neglected, then consider upcycling it. With the right treatment, it could be something really special and a focal point in any room in your home. If you are looking for some inspiration, then our feature with Cornish Milk Mineral paints will give you some great tips. The reclaimed wood look is a great way of upcycling something that was previously used something else. Reclaimed wood furniture will fit well into any room in your home and complements most décor styles.

6. Re-organise your bookcase

reclaimed wood shelving with metal frame

Don’t neglect your bookshelves. Remove all of the books and give both the books and shelves a good clean to get rid of the dust. Consider getting rid of some books, particularly if your shelves are very full, as this can make them look overly cluttered. Try breaking up the items on your rustic bookcase by adding some house plants for texture and colour.

7. Clear out your wardrobe or chest of drawers

With a little careful planning, your bedroom storage can really be made to work for you. So, clear out your wooden wardrobe or chest of drawers and be ruthless. If it doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn something in over a year, then bag it up for the charity shop. Once you have removed a few items, you will find you have a lot more space, and this will make it easier to arrange everything. By putting things away, you will create a more spacious bedroom that will be more inviting and where you can relax properly.

8. Add a pop of unexpected colour

When it comes to decorating, you don’t have to paint an entire room to refresh it and create maximum impact. Consider adding a contrasting vibrant colour to one wall; this type of colour can work really well in a dining space and offset a reclaimed wood dining table very well. Remember, colour can be added in other ways; cushions or even a change of window dressing can completely change the look of a room for minimum effort.

9. Add panel to your walls

solid wooden bed with dark blue painted wooden panelling

Panelling is a great way of achieving the modern rustic look and is surprisingly easy to do; it is now readily available in many of the bigger DIY stores. It is primed and ready to paint. You just need to stick it to the wall. If you want to add character to a new build, this is an easy way to do it, and when you combine it with rustic furniture, it can really change the look of a room.

Add some garden lighting

Finally, as we move into summer and hopefully those longer, warmer days and evenings, it’s great to spend as long as possible outside in the fresh air. Make the most of your garden in the evenings by adding some garden lighting; there are plenty of solar lighting options out there that are really easy to use. Don’t forget to add a garden armchair or sun lounger to create the perfect areas to relax in.

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Quick ways to transform a room over the weekend

Woman painting wall for quick ways to transform a room over the weekend blog

It’s that time of year when we tend to get many jobs around the house ticked off the list and a perfect opportunity to get stuck into a few quick indoor weekend DIY projects before spring is upon us. From dusting down your wooden shelves or reclaimed wood furniture to updating cushions and decorative accessories, see our tips on how to give your home a refresh in no time at all.

Woman painting a wall for quick ways to transform your room over a weekend blog

We are a proud nation of DIY’ers and spend millions every year on projects to personalise and improve our homes. This became even more of a thing during the lockdown months when home improvements were about the only thing we could do! There’s always something needing refreshing, from the hallway to the bedroom, so if you have some weekends free over the next month take a look at our handy ways to transform a space.

How to give your home a weekend makeover

1. A splash of paint

A lick of paint brightens a room in an instance and it can completely change the atmosphere of the room whether in the living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen, and it doesn’t have to take weeks. When you choose your colour you can pick a different shade of what you already have in the room or go for a bold contrasting colour if you’re really wanting to switch it up.

industrial coffee table with cream sofa for quick ways to transform your room over a weekend blog

Little final touches make all the difference here – hang some new pictures or family photographs on the wall, place a new plant pot on an industrial coffee table with a houseplant and get some new scatter cushions for the sofa and your living room will feel fresh and new.

2. Move your furniture around

Moving the furniture around is a good excuse to have a declutter and deep clean. In the bedroom make some space for a new solid wood chest of drawers or wooden dressing table for some extra storage – maybe even a blanket box at the foot of your bed? You can bring in a reading chair near the window to make yourself little space for some quiet relaxation – maybe add a new throw and scatter cushions on the bed and a new rug – your bedroom will feel as good as new. The same applies in the living room. Move a velvet armchair and wooden side table into a bay to create a new zone that can be used anytime of the day.

reclaimed wood bed with wooden bedside table

3. De-clutter and rearrange the cupboards

This is mostly for a kitchen makeover. The kitchen is always one of those places where clutter seems to accumulate. Have a sort out and sell or give away kitchen items you no longer need or use. Move everything off any open shelves to give them a good wipe down and clean any items you’re putting back up there. For a change of scene, buy a couple of new decorative pots, jars or storage containers to go on your shelves and don’t forget to add a houseplant – this always makes a room look brighter. If you need extra storage and don’t have room for a kitchen dresser add some open shelving or a small sideboard to create more space.

open wooden shelves with glass jars and plants

4. Hallway makeover

Here is one area of the home that is easy to refresh and one that will have a big impact to everyone stepping into the home. Give the right first impression by clearing away and tidying up any shoes that don’t need to be in the hallway. Give any shoe-scuffed walls a wipe down and clean or even a quick lick of paint and look at refreshing the styling on the tops of your hallway storage furniture, such as an industrial console table. Add a houseplant, table lamp or fresh bouquet of flowers or dried flowers to add a new colour. For an instant transformation, hang a mirror on the wall to not only change the look, but bounce light around your hallway.

reclaimed wood console table with glass lamp and houseplants

Reclaimed wood furniture is great for heavy traffic areas in the home – salvaged wood already has marks and undulations so it really won’t notice if someone bags a heavy school bag into it as they’re rushing out the door. Finally, add a new doormat to for a fresh new feel every time you walk through the door.

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