How to measure for the right bedroom furniture

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Winchester Rustic Wooden Bedroom

The bedroom is an important room – it is the place where you end the day, falling into a restful sleep and the place where you rise and shine, refreshed and ready to face another day.

What is not a great end or start to your day is stubbing your toe as you trip over things to try and reach the bed.

And this is why you need to measure the bedroom and choose bedroom sets, bed and décor that suit the dimension of the room.

The Bed

Dorset Reclaimed Wood King Size Bed

Clearly, being a bedroom, the main item of furniture should be the bed. From single to bunk beds, double beds to super king size, the bed should be the focal point of the room.

You can give the illusion of space by playing with colour, choosing bedroom furniture that compliments the space.

A low bed is great for any bedroom but the lower level of the bed gives the illusion of swallowing more floor space.

But as soon as items of bedroom furniture have notable gaps between the underside and the floor, it can help to give more illusion of space in the room. Higher beds can also be made to look sumptuous too, with oversized duvets and plump pillows.

How else can you arrange furniture in the bedroom for maximum space?

Reclaimed Wood Under Bed Storage Drawer

Storage is clearly a priority in the bedroom too and we have some great ideas;

  • With a higher bed, use under-the-bed storage drawers for a neat look and ample storage
  • A wooden blanket box is also ideal and if you have the space, place it at the end of the bed – this is ideal for framing the bed as well as being easily accessible. Choose a simpler design so that the overall style is not too cluttered, such as the Savannah blanket box.
  • Chests of drawers provide valuable storage space in terms of drawers but also a surface for essential items and accessories. Taller drawer sets can swamp a smaller room and too broad and they will take up too much floor space. Look for a bedroom chest of drawers that has a smaller footprint and in term of height, always make it is in keeping with the rest of the room. Whilst a small chest of drawers can seem like the logical alternative, ‘small’ furniture can completely throw out the dimensions of a room.
  • Bedside tables are also essential and can be useful not only in terms of practical storage but also in framing the bed. Choose bedside tables that are slightly lower or the same height as your bed – too tall and they will make the bed seem smaller than it is. Again, keep the design of the bedside table simple yet stylish and light.

Other bedroom ideas for increasing the sense of space is to choose bedroom décor that is light and reflective.

Louis de Poortere Atlantic Ocean Blue Waves Rug

Also helpful is the correct bedroom rug placement. Again, use a rug to frame the room or an item of furniture. A large rug under the bed that leaves a collar of rug around the bed is great for opening up the floor. Or use smaller rugs on each side of the bed.

Your bedroom may not have acres of space, but it will certainly feel spacious, yet restful with these great ideas.