Spend a day with your dog and don’t worry about cleaning

Dog on Leather Sofa

Dog on Sofa

Do you sometimes struggle to balance everything in life? When this is the case, it is sometimes because there is so much going on that you can no longer prioritise tasks and activities.

This ‘not being able to see the wood for the trees’ is rectified by only one action; taking a step back. There are many ways you can do this – retail therapy, a walk in the hills or a day spent with your dog.

Treat Your Dog Day (And Restore Balance in Your Life!)

Your four-legged furry friend with their wagging tail and cold, wet nose quickly become an important member of the family. No matter what the weather is doing outside or what life throws at you, your dog welcomes you home with snuffles and barks.

Dog on Sofa with Pillow

But don’t just take our word for it. It is a known and scientifically proven fact that stroking a dog, cuddling buddies or simply taking Fido for a quick walk around the block restores and supports a sense of emotional healing.

So, how could you spend the day with the man’s best friend?

  • Take a Walk

Dog Day Walking

    Every dog needs exercising and every dog appreciates a chance to spend at least half an hour sniffing out the smells of their local neighbourhood. You could, of course, venture further afield. Find a dog park for fun with other canines or enjoy a stroll in the fresh sea air (checking local bylaws that dogs are allowed on the beach!)

    • Snuggle on the Sofa

    Grey Dog on Sofa

      Not everyone allows their pets on the sofa – and with good reason because getting rid of dog hair from fabric chairs or a crushed velvet Chesterfield sofa can be a nightmare (but stick with us because we’ll show you how) so instead, create a fantastic bed for your furry best friend with a wool rug in front of a roaring fire, perfect for enjoying a winter’s afternoon and evening together.

      Removing Dog Hair, the Easy Way

      Puppy on Chesterfield Sofa

      Leather furniture, from sofas to club chair, is the better option for the dog-friendly household. Unlike other fabrics, pet hair doesn’t stick to leather. Simply wipe it off with a damp cloth or use the leather-nourishing wipes to ‘feed’ the leather.

      Fabrics such as velvet attract and hold on to both dog and cat hair and thus need a special, but affordable cleaning implement in the shape of a lint roller. This is a roller on a handle that rotates and has a tacky surface. Simply gently roll over the surface of the fabric armchairs and what dog hair and unseen remnants of dust stick to it too. Some people use sticky tape but be careful not to damage the velvet pile or you velvet chair and sofa will soon have a ‘matted’ or flat appearance.

      Of course, you can always protect your sofa before a day of snuggling with your canine best friend by covering it. What about a warm, cosy throw, perfect for you and the dog to share – if they let you? Shake the loss dog hair from its fibres and pop in the washing machine, making sure you read the washing instruction label, once you have spent the day restoring your balance and enjoying the company of your canine companion.