How to measure your living room for a farmhouse coffee table

Savannah wooden coffee table with shelf

If you love the farmhouse style, you are in good company. Popular as an interior design style, it is warm and homely, but with tweaks of finesse that makes it a firm favourite.

Farmhouse furniture is chunky and wholesome, but modern. It has a level of detail that adds a certain panache. It is functional and practical, stylish and suitable for every home, from a busy family house to a bachelor apartment.

What Makes a Farmhouse Coffee Table?

An essential component of a successful farmhouse living room design, the coffee table is the platform for refreshments, as well as magazines, newspapers and other essential accessories.

It has a clearly defined purpose, and in the farmhouse style, it is just as important as the industrial modern look.

So, what sets a farmhouse coffee table from any other?




If there are three words that sum up the farmhouse coffee table, it is those above.

A solid wood coffee table pulls together the farmhouse style in the living room. Not only does the platform – the top of the table – have a sturdy satisfying chunkiness, it comes complete with a drawer or a handy lower level shelf, perfect for hiding things away.

Scaling, Size, Dimension – Getting the Measurements Right

Have you noticed how in the glossy pages of magazines, everything looks together, united and scaled? So why doesn’t your farmhouse living room furniture have the same scaling?

The answer lay in following the golden interior design rules of measuring, scaling, dimension and size.

The distance between the reclaimed wood coffee table and your sofa should fall within the 14 to 18 inch of space rule. Close enough to reach a magazine, but without cramping leg room.

The height of the coffee table would match the height of the sofa, with not more than 4 inches’ difference in height in either direction. This ensures easy access too but also helps the coffee table fit in the space, not looking too big nor too small.

The final scaling factor is the coffee-table-to-sofa size ratio. In terms of visual appeal. The coffee table should be ½ to the size of your sofa. Too big and your handpicked chunky wood coffee table will simply look enormous. Too small, and the carefully chosen, handcrafted reclaimed wood furniture will look pitifully minute.

What Happens When the Size of Your Living Room Doesn’t Fit the Equation?

These measurements imply that there is a ‘right’ sized living room. But there isn’t. Some farmhouse styled living rooms have acres of space, others are delightfully bijou and compact.

What this presents is not finding a coffee table big enough nor one small enough to complement the space perfectly.

There is a solution in the shape and curvaceous form of the made to measure and resplendent Mayfair Coffee Table. Made from reclaimed wood, its dimensions and scale will fit your room perfectly, in width, length and height.

For extra functionality, team your farmhouse coffee table with a taller in height reclaimed wood side table.

The farmhouse style is ideal for any home, but which coffee table catches your eye?