How to spruce up your dining space

Abbey Round Dining Table

Abbey Round Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Creating a welcoming, stylish dining space enhances the dining experience, whether it is a mid-week roast with the family or a dinner party with friends. Spruce up your dining space with these fantastic ideas!

Wave goodbye to formality

We often think of dining spaces following formal lines – the wood table in the centre surrounded by matching leather or fabric dining chairs – but sometimes, sprucing up means dialling down the formality of the setting a notch or two.

Stanton Wool Dining Bench

The rustic interior design look, the rawness and the slightly-less refined appearance of the table, sideboards and so on, is a fantastic style for any home.

Formality and function don’t always make practical bedfellows when it comes to the dining room and so by ridding yourself of the rigidity of dining chairs with a fantastic dining bench, you can say hello to people huddled around your dining table, enjoying good food and vibrant conversation.

But if you are thinking of a long, hard, bum-numbing bench, think again. The majority of the upholstered dining benches in our range can be customised – choose from leather or opt for long-lasting moon wool or the dashing nature of Harris tweed, an ideal finish for the Stanton dining bench with low armrest.

Ramp up storage

A dining room is a well-used space – and not just for eating – and so it makes sense to create a room that is versatile, as well as stylish. A statement piece that is functional is the ideal addition.

Colette Reclaimed Wood Louvred Sideboard

The Colette reclaimed wood sideboard is the ideal statement rustic furniture piece, working well with a reclaimed wood dining table and the soft, luxurious moon wool fabric dining chairs.

Mix and match the chairs

Adding a freshness and zing to a dining space is easier than you think and making one key change is all that it needs: the dining chairs.

Mix and match is not a euphemism for adding everything and anything to your dining room in the way of styles and colour of dining chairs but rather, mixing and matching colours in the same style, print and choice of fabric.

Scout Grand Leather and Harris Tweed Dining Chair

Easy to achieve with fabric dining chairs, choose the same Harris Tweed pattern, for example, but some two complementary colours. A great way to add colour and a note of interest.

Or combine Harris Tweed with leather, such as the Scout dining chair, that adds more texture and interest to the dining table.

Choose a pedestal table

Of course, if you are going all out and making a big change in the dining room, a new dining table will be on the cards.

For an on-trend, yet timeless look, consider adding a pedestal table – a round table with a delightful centre leg that not only saves space but adds a sculptural element to the dining room. Take a look at the Abbey round dining table, perfect for sitting alongside fabric or leather dining chairs and other pieces of reclaimed wood furniture.

Abbey Round Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

From adding small accessories to a zing of colour to replacing dining chairs to investing in a new, reclaimed wood dining set, there are many changes you can make that spruce up the dining room. Which ideas will you try?