Why a vibrant rug is much more than just a mat

Louis de Poortere Blue Rug in Childrens Bedroom

Louis de Poortere Atlantic Ocean Grey Waves Rug

A rug makes a fantastic addition to any living room scheme, bringing with it sophistication and style. To make your living room’s rug work for your needs, think about the colour, texture, pattern and size of the rug.

Louis De Poortere Vintage Patchwork Yellow Rug

If you have opted for cool tones with your furniture, flooring and wall choices, opt for a geometric pattern with a large pattern that brings together your colour palette. A large square pattern, like one of our Vintage Patchwork Yellow Rug, would work for a room with a more classic style. Alternatively, our Mad Men Central Yellow Interior Rug, with its stunning, subtle pattern will work beautifully with all wooden flooring, and compliment leather sofas perfectly.

For a decor scheme that makes use of primary colours and contemporary furniture, pick a rug with a fun design to create a coordinated look which will certainly make a statement. A design with flowing lines will add movement to your living room and will contrast the clean lines of contemporary furniture. Light wood or white furniture looks fantastic with a pop of colour – a blue rug like the Atlantic Ocean Blue Waves Rug or the Atlantic Ocean Blue Stripes Rug offer an eclectic, statement design in a colour which compliments most decor schemes. For something more subtle, the design also comes in grey.

Louis De Poortere Fading World Rug - Salt and Pepper

Using rugs to separate out an open-plan space is a tried and tested method to break up your room without losing the fantastic open plan feeling. But you don’t need to go for contrasting colours. Two luxury rugs in a neutral colour can be accessorised with subtle pops of colour and sophisticated pieces like large glass chandeliers, decorative wall mirrors and classic, elegant furniture. The iconic style of a grey chesterfield sofa would be the perfect accompaniment to this polished style.

Edale Cream Buttoned Velvet Sofa

Finally, a rug is a great way to frame two sofas. In a narrow space, with two sofas, a large rug will make your seating area feel complete, pulling the look together and adding an artistic touch to your living room. A bright pattern or colour, like green or red, would look great to break up two cream sofas. Just make sure that your rug is large enough to fit underneath both sofas for a sleek, stylish finish.

Will you be adding a rug to your living room?