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How to style a Made in Britain dining table

How to style a Made in Britain dining table

English Beam Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Chairs

For many consumers, buying British designed and produced goods is their way of supporting the local and national economy. And this is the movement behind the Buy British Day on Saturday, October 3rd. And because it is the start of the festive shopping season, it is no wonder that many British retailers, designers and small businesses look to entice shoppers with festive gifts and accessories.

In our eyes, there is nothing better and more ‘British’ than the use of reclaimed wood in furniture and other accessories. And with the festive season on our doorstep, our thoughts have turned to Christmas dinner table. With a British designed and made dining table, complete with dining chairs and accessories, it is a beautiful sight and one your family and friends will admire.

But how do you create a stunning ‘made in Britain’ dining table?

The Dining Table

Rustic Inlay Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

It is the largest piece of furniture you will invest it and you will sit around it countless times. There will be times of merriment and mirth, and with reclaimed wood, it is a chance to add to its history and story with your own memories.

The most popular by far is the English Beam extendable reclaimed wood dining table. Made from reclaimed wood also means that it is unique and although it has a character of its own, it doesn’t limit your ideas or style. Finish the look with either leather dining chairs with their own unique appearance or opt for the opulence of fabric dining chairs.

Dress it – maintain the rustic charm with platters for protecting it against the heat of plates. Use candles in ornate holders with evergreen garlands of leaves around the centre of the table. Add droplets of sparkling ‘diamond’ shaped pieces to catch the flickering candle light.

If you want exquisite detail and the feel of artisan skills beneath your fingers, then reclaimed wood furniture is a must, and the Rustic Inlay reclaimed wood dining table is a firm favourite of ours too. In fact, this table, handcrafted in the UK is the Editor’s favourite. As rustic furniture goes, this is surely one of the best examples of what can be crafted with skills developed and honed over decades.

Dress it – take care when choosing dining chairs. They make look stunning and grand but wider chairs need more space at a dining table. If the chairs are forced to sit too close, trapped fingers ensue and no one wants that at the Christmas table.

And for the dinner?

Rough Sawn Stanford Reclaimed Wood Extendable Dining Table

If you want something a little different or one that suits the kitchen diner, then this rough sawn Stanford dining table is ideal. Popular because it is both extendable and made from reclaimed wood, its crossed legs also give it a feature.

There is something elegant about this chunky table. It looks sturdy and solid, and yet it has a gracefulness that makes it one of the most appealing dining tables we have. Unlike the other dining tables in our range, there is a height to this and that means investing in high dining chairs, almost like bar stools if you like. But, as you would have come to expect, our bar stools are far from ordinary.

They pack their own punch when it comes to style. But better still, with the right place settings and dining table accessories, the Stanford dining table offers both formal and relaxed dining experiences.

Rustic furniture is beautiful. Reclaimed wood has a romance of its own, so which dining table will you choose?

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