How to style an industrial console table

Kingsbridge Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Never knowingly underdressed, the hallway console table is a thing of beauty that adds more than a touch of detailing, style and glamour to the entrance of your home. If you are unsure how to style it, look no further…

Mimic the angles

If your industrial console table sits alongside the staircases you can mimic the angles and rise of the stairs with the accessories you place on it.

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Console Table

For example, at the end of the console table at the lower end of the staircase, cluster smaller items rising, as the staircase does, to a taller object at the opposing end. A tall table lamp (but not taller than the staircase rise) would work well on an industrial hallway console table.

Frame artwork

Imagine the delight of a narrow console table against an expanse of wall on which hangs the most adorable piece of artwork.

Raffles Reclaimed Wood Industrial Console Table

It may be framed – or not, in the case of many canvas prints – but framing it with accessories on the hallway console table allows it to stand out. Statuesque table lamps would rise to the challenge again. Try to keep the same colour between the frame and the table lamps for cohesion and drama.


Industrial Lansdowne Rustic Wood Console Table

Could the hallway console table be the occasional home office desk you need? Not every home needs a permanent office taking up valuable space and the versatility of the slim console table with drawers is too good an opportunity to pass up if you need occasional office space.

Exaggerate proportions/style/colour

The narrow console table doesn’t have to be anonymous not blend into the background. In fact, for too long, we think the hallway table has been pushed aside. No one lingered for long in the hallway but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be stylish.

And so, if you do nothing else, exaggerate at least one thing about the console table, whether that is colour, its size or detailing or style.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Console Table

The industrial style doesn’t have to be muted and so the reflective polish of the Luxe Kensington hallway console table, surely the most exquisite exampled of reclaimed wood furniture meeting, is one exaggeration we feel is allowed.

Choose a colour contrast

Contrast is a tool you can use to help something stand out and so, if you opt for the Maddox console table, you can accent its simplicity by painting the wall behind the piece a contrasting colour – a brilliant way to showcase industrial furniture.

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Console Table

A deep ochre orange would work well with the reclaimed wood top, bringing the blackness of the steel legs into play like never before… or maybe a deep red… or a sage green…

Layer it

Take a peek at our consoles tables and you will see we layer items on them. That means we cluster them on the top, a mix of different heights and shaped accessories at either end, leaving a gap in the middle for framing.

And on the lower shelves of this reclaimed furniture, we cluster similar things together with no one thing being bigger, taller or bolder than another.

With so many console table to choose from, which one will you choose?