How to style the best seller: The Kensington Reclaimed table

Luxe Kensington Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and chairs

Luxe Kensington Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Let us admire it, just for a moment or two – the Kensington reclaimed wood dining table is glorious in all its industrial inspired style. This autumn, the trend, interior designers tell us, will be the industrial furniture look. But if you think this means cold steel and little overall warmth and appeal, prepared to be surprised because this is not what the industrial style is all about.

Rawness, but with warmth

There is something essential raw, yet appealing and warm about the industrial look and that is down to the wood used in the scheme. But how do you pull off this look with success and aplomb?

For the look to work (for any style, in fact), there needs to be a connection between all the main pieces:

The Kensington dining table with its reclaimed wood table top and the metal leg frame works with a variety of dining chairs. In the below dining room scene, it is the legs of the table, the ever-popular Gustav industrial dining chairs and the Barclay sideboard that pull all the pieces together in one cohesive look.Luxe Kensington Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Gustav Chairs

Choose an element of the industrial style, whether that is wood or metal, and use that throughout the room. And keep the colours similar too – in the above dining room, the metal legs are black, perfect for promotion harmony to the eye.

Ring the changes by using dining chairs that contrast with the heady rawness of the table. The reclaimed wood table top of the Kensington industrial dining table is unfinished in its appeal thus, teaming it with the more refined wood of cream dining chairs, such as the Roxy upholstered dining chair.

Luxe Kensington Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Roxy Chairs

In this case, the cohesion is provided by the neutral colour palette with the warmth of the reclaimed wood sitting well with the cream upholstery. The natural warmth of wood is not lost in this instance either and choosing all-natural materials also helps to pull it all together.

Don’t be frightened of colour in an industrial style dining room. The industrial look is synonymous with earthy colours, those that you would find in an industrial setting but that doesn’t mean a hint of colour is ‘not allowed’. Far from it! The Luxe Macy Grey dining chair, available in blue or grey, as well as rich Bordeaux red and sea green, is a perfect choice.

Luxe Kensington Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Luxe Macy Grey chairs

When not in use…

The table doesn’t need to be kept bare because with its striking table top, why wouldn’t you want to touch it or admire each time you pass?

And when not in use, soften the edges and enhance the appeal of the industrial dining table with fresh flowers and accessories that are stylish. Take a look at grand, statuesque candle holders as well as table and industrial floor lamps that also hint at the industrial style.

Materials are key to getting this look ‘right’. From fabric dining chairs to bringing cohesion to the space by matching details such as legs on chairs, sideboard and table, the industrial look is not cold and detached, but warm, stylish and ultimately a practical style for any home.