How to style the best-selling leather sofas and armchairs

Charlie Tan Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Leather is surely the must-have material when it comes to sofas, armchairs and dining chairs. Cool to touch, and yet with a natural warmth and sumptuousness, it is no surprise that our leather furniture is flying out the doors.

But, how should you dress a leather sofa? Should it be left beautifully naked or be accessorised?


The modern Maxwell sofa is surely a delight and a welcome addition to any living room. The tan brown leather oozes sophistication and appeal and, with the pillow back and arms, the temptation would be the leave it in its glorious state for all to admire.

Maxwell Leather Sofa at Modish Living

But if you feel it needs a little extra something, its generous proportions are more than able to accommodate everything from a cushion or two, to a pretty throw.

Frame it! Living room furniture stands out if it is framed in its space. A fantastic way of doing this is with a complementing rug that supports the patina of the real tan leather sofa. Colour is important but so too is size. When you choose a rug, make sure that its length is slightly larger than the length of the sofa or it will look awkward. Sit the front legs of the sofa on the rug or place the rug under the sofa, like a platform.


Is there a more iconic style sofa than the leather Chesterfield? With its luscious curved back and arms, there is always something pleasing about sinking into its comfortable depths.

Charlie Tan Leather Chesterfield Sofa and Coffee Table

Instantly recognisable to everyone, the button-back sofa will draw comment from visitors for years to come but how can you accessorise this sofa so that it stays true to its narrative? Does it really need accessorising?

Contrast it! A great way of adding an extra dimension is to contrast one style with another. The iconic shape of the Chesterfield will always stand out, whether it is crowded by a hundred other sofas or not, it will always be the one that stands out. So why not frame it with a modern armchair that retains elements that meld with the traditional?


Leather is a beautiful material, much coveted by customers but if you want to make a design and style statement, you can look beyond shape and style to the material itself.

Regal Leather and Harris Tweed Sofa

How about the best of both worlds, combining the coolness of leather with the elegance and sophistication of Harris Tweed? The mix of leather and tweed doesn’t need an introduction for they go together like salt and pepper. A brown leather armchair, with swatches of Harris Tweed, is surely a dream worth pursuing.

Support it! A table in situ close to a leather armchair and sofa is the third wheel that pulls the look together. From a coffee table that is smaller than the dimensions of the sofa, to an elegant nest of tables between sofa and armchair, there are many ways an occasional or side table can be used to support the main players. Choose a shape that complements your style, from the angular for clean lines or a curved or round occasional table to sit well with the curves of the sofa and armchair.

These are just three of our best-selling sofas. Why not visit our studio to take a closer look?

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