How to tackle a cluttered bedroom

Standford Reclaimed Wood Tall Chest of Drawers

Dulwich Large Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers

Life in the 21st century is often hectic. That’s why it’s so important to have a space where you can unwind after a busy day at the office or running kids to and from their many commitments. But it can be hard to unwind in a space full of clutter. Here are a few top tips for creating a blissful bedroom you’ll always look forward to retreating to.

First, work out the source of clutter.

It’s easier to come up with a solution for your clutter if you can categorise it. Along the way, you’ll probably also find items you really don’t need any more which can be sold, donated or thrown away if they really are beyond use.

Colette Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

For example, a pile of washing or bedding which doesn’t have a home will clutter your bedroom and your brain. A wooden blanket box at the end of the bed provides the perfect home for bulky linens and unseasonal blankets and throw cushions, and can look uber stylish too if you find a storage chest which matches the other furniture in your room.

Wycombe Oak Dressing Table

Alternatively, if your chest of drawers has become a makeshift dressing area laden with products, your hairdryer and hairbrush, perhaps think about investing in a dressing table (and one with some drawers to keep everything tucked out of sight when not in use).

Think about what you want in your bedroom.

Along the way of organising your clutter, you’ll probably find items which definitely don’t belong – a vacuum cleaner and your children’s toy cars don’t exactly scream serene. Make a pile of things to pop back in their rightful home and try to keep on top of the clutter which will inevitably work it’s way back into your bedroom.

Think about storage solutions.

We often buy storage pieces thinking it will solve all our problems when it comes to the items cluttering our spaces. But sometimes, dreams don’t quite play out in reality and your stunning storage piece is not as practical as you may have hoped. It may be that by categorising your clutter, you find that rearranging where items are stored, there is a better way of organising which will result in less clutter. However, you may discover that your current storage doesn’t work as well as you had once hoped.

Marlow Painted bedroom Bedside

If that’s the case, think about a switch with your furniture. This is where your categorising comes into play as it means you can make a smart switch for one more practical piece without expending thousands on an entirely new bedroom suite. For example, a bedroom bedside table with a couple of small drawers will undoubtedly make room to show off a beautiful vase of flowers or an ornate table lamp. Alternatively, if you like to keep a lot by the bed, a small chest of drawers on one side might be a good solution – just make sure to find a style with a couple of small drawers on the side of the bed so the items stored inside are easily accessible.

Ban the floordrobe.

Ah, the floordrobe. It’s an easy habit to get into – not hanging your clothes up as you’re rushing around to leave the house. But once the pile starts growing, tackling it becomes increasingly daunting.

Dulwich Reclaimed Wood Wardrobe

A good combination of storage solutions should be able to solve the problem. Large wardrobes are fantastic but when you have the space, it’s easy to keep piling new clothes in until it’s full to bursting and you can’t see what you have to wear anymore.

So, instead of letting that happen, go through your wardrobe twice a year – perhaps spring and autumn – and organise. Create a pile to donate to charity or friends and family, a pile of the pieces which are unseasonal, and a pile of things you’ll love and wear in the next 4 months. With the clothes that are unseasonal, under bed storage is a great option to tuck it neatly away (but in a place which is still within easy reach if British weather decides to surprise us all!).

Standford Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers

Investing in a tall chest of drawers to place beside your wardrobe is also a fab idea creating the perfect space for the items which don’t need to be hung like pyjamas and denim but without taking up too much floor space.

Think about decor.

If decluttering has got you in the mood for a spot of redecorating, think about the colour, opting only for colours which you feel are calm or peaceful – whites, blues and greys are the colours which often come to mind but there might be a different colour which is equally calming to you.

When it comes to items, like photo frames, mirrors, table lighting and decor pieces, try to keep it to a minimum, only bringing in items you absolutely love. Add a couple of scatter cushions and a cosy throw onto the bed to accessorise white bedding in the colour you’ve opted for to keep everything coordinated and to maintain the feeling of calm you’ve created.

Are you in the mood for decluttering your bedroom?