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How to turn a spare room into a dream home office

How to turn a spare room into a dream home office

Room to work at home can be problematic. If you have a spare room, however, you could turn it into your dream home office. Fortunately, with just a few tweaks and additions, the addition of a wood bookcase and some other furniture, it can become the home office that you need.

How much space do you have to work with?

The good news is that for a dream home office, you really don’t need that much space. There are many tips on creating a home office, one is accurately measuring the room so that as you create your mood board of the must-have desk and leather office chair, you know you can fit it all in (leather armchair for lunchtime naps included).

Start with the most important item: the desk

Aside from it needing to be the right height and offering the worktop space that you need, style is important too. A streamlined home office desk will work well in the smaller office as would other standalone desks.

Quinton Reclaimed Wood Desk and Brown Leather Chair

You could also opt for the ‘fitted’ bespoke desk solution for your home office. The Oldman reclaimed desk, for example, can be made to measure, perfect if you have constraints of space or you want to create a myriad of worktop space around corners in the home office.

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

Choose your office chair carefully

With your choice of reclaimed wood desk made, there is another serious consideration: getting the right office chair for you. And that’s the important bit ‘for you’. It needs to be the right height – opt for an adjustable desk chair – and it must offer you the lumber supported needed as you sit at your desk.

Morton Brown Leather Desk Chair with Wheels

There are, as you would expect, several options when it comes to office chairs. But here’s the best bit: it doesn’t have to look like a chair from a busy office. It can be the epitome of style too, perfect for complementing your chosen desk. A leather office chair on wheels, for example, is perfect for easy movement. Or you could throw the rule book out of the window and enjoy the stylish aplomb of the Aviator office chair (and if you have the room, the Aviator half-wing desk is a must-have too!).

Aviator Half Wing Desk in Vintage Jet Brass

Make it a versatile space

Occasionally, you may work with a partner in your home office or even welcome clients to your working space and so you’ll need some accessories and essential additions to turn it into a versatile space.

Barnham Brown Leather Armchair

Consider additional seating such as a leather armchair or two, flanked by a reclaimed wood coffee table that complements your bespoke desk. As well as choosing a neutral canvas of colour for our office to make it a productive space, add dashes of colour and texture with soft furnishings, such as small rugs, scatter cushions for the armchairs and maybe a throw or two for extra style notes in the room.

You’ll need to check the lighting levels too, making sure you are not working in shade or that the sunlight streaming in through the window is not too dazzling.

Is the spare room in your home the perfect location for your dream home office? It could be…

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