How to work a laid-back industrial dining style

Mitcham Oak Industrial dining table and chairs

The industrial look is as popular as ever and the fact that it can be stylised to you personally is what makes it such a great choice. We take a look at relaxing the boundaries of the style to pull together a great landscape with a relaxed industrial look.

The industrial dining room

Suiting every room in the home, the relaxed industrial style is particularly pleasing in the dining room. Easily switching between the formal and informal, there are many gems in our collections that create a beautiful dining room.

Mitcham Oak Industrial Dining Table

The industrial dining table – here we’ve used the Mitcham spider leg industrial dining table – is the centre of attention, helped not just by its style but by the detail of the legs. The spider leg formation makes it sturdy and balanced but also adds exquisite detailing too.

Rattan dining chairs

Reclaimed wood furniture is the mainstay of the industrial style as too, are other natural materials. Rattan is a strong material and sustainably sourced too. From a fast-growing plant on tropical climes, once dried, the long fronds can be weaved together in all kinds of patterns, perfect for creating strong, durable pieces of furniture.

Hampstead Rattan Dining Chairs

That’s why the Hampstead rattan dining chairs are the perfect addition to the table. As a natural material, its shading and hue will vary from one product to another but will always be perfect. Coupled with its dark metal legs, they tastefully complement the industrial look.

If you prefer a different style, faux leather dining chairs would be just as effective and beautiful against the raw yet stylish edge of the industrial oak dining table.

The sideboard supporting player

For the dining room, there is no better piece that a sideboard. Available in a range of sizes, we opted for the large sideboard from the Mitcham collection to bring cohesion and symmetry to the setting.

Mitcham Oak Large Sideboard


The details are important but when it comes to the industrial style, you want to add detailing without clutter. And that means well-chosen pieces and additions that stay within the broad realms of the style.

Aside from the main pieces of reclaimed wood furniture, the smaller details we used include the beautiful Gustine mirror. The modern take of the starburst round wall mirror, there is something about this mirror that oozes industrial style.

Mitcham Oak Dining Table and Rattan Chairs

Alongside this, we’ve used a natural material in the pendant light. Bamboo is not dissimilar to rattan but is lighter as it is hollow. The bamboo pendant light works well with the rattan dining chairs but will also be ideal if you use faux leather dining chairs too.

Linen is another material that works well with the industrial style as it too is natural and sourced from sustainable suppliers and manufacturers. With a range of colours, it can be tough to choose but with the beautiful white background and forest green, we opt for grey linen tablecloth. Use as a cover when you want a formal take to the table or as a table runner for a more relaxed mood. Match it with linen napkins and you have the perfect place setting too.