How would a rustic wardrobe fit in your bedroom?

Winchester Dark Rustic Sleigh Wooden Bed

When looking to update your bedroom furniture, it’s not always possible to replace everything at once, and sometimes not everything needs replacing. Considering some rustic bedroom furniture, in particular, a rustic-wardrobe is a great idea as it not only looks great but also acts as an investment piece. There is no need to purchase wardrobes, chests of drawers and bedside cabinets all to match to achieve the rustic feel. Unique reclaimed handmade furniture gives you the freedom to fit your rustic-wardrobe alongside other different types of furniture to create a bedroom that’s entirely unique.

Winchester Dark Rustic Sleigh Wooden Bed

Contemporary Light Furniture works well with most other bedroom fittings

Winchester Rustic Reclaimed Wooden Wardrobe

Many people prefer contemporary light coloured furniture in the bedroom. When considering rustic-bedroom-furniture, as mentioned before, you do not have to have every piece of furniture to match the rustic style, however. This is especially the case if you already have some bedroom furniture, or perhaps you have something in mind that you’ve seen. The objective is to create a unique personalised twist on the modern style. Here the focus would be on the rustic-wardrobe.

For example, our Winchester Rustic Wooden wardrobe is made from reclaimed wood yet has a modern curved front design and contemporary-light colour. The character of the reclaimed wood naturally includes various colours. Depending on your available space, there are two available sizes.

Making a contrast

However, one singular dark glamorous version of the Winchester Rustic Wooden Wardrobe can be very striking and can also be used with lighter furniture to provide a real focal point for the room – other than the bed of course. Alternatively, it may inspire you to pick out a darker colour of wood for your other furniture. If you prefer the idea of a contrast, you don’t have to stop at one rustic wardrobe. You could choose one lighter and one darker rustic-wardrobe or pair two dark rustic-wardrobes as a glamorous focal point, and then contrast it with contemporary-light furniture as drawers and bedside cabinets.

For a slightly more traditional rustic look, our Bremnes Luxury Reclaimed Wooden Wardrobe with a mirror may be ideal. This Farmhouse design sits well with pine furniture with round wooden handles, or industrial furniture and industrial lighting to bring out the metal hinges. This design is another contemporary twist on a traditional concept. The option of clear wax finishes may also give you plenty of options to match other furniture items, especially if you like the variations in the shades of wood and want a lighter finish.

A rustic chair – the perfect complement

Of course, after adding a little flair with the wardrobe, you may be drawn to a rustic-chair to add even more of a rustic feel to the room. An industrial vintage café chair is a cost-effective statement, especially in a bold colour, or a colour to match the soft furnishings. You could pair this with either a retro or a contemporary design of fabric, for the chair pad and curtains. A farmhouse style kitchen chair could act as an ideal rustic-chair, or, of course, you could stick with the theme of a reclaimed wood chair to match your gorgeous new rustic wardrobe.

Contemporary Style Reworked

The rustic style with reclaimed wood has become a contemporary concept in itself. Depending on the design, reclaimed wood can look stylish next to contemporary-light furniture. A contemporary design of rustic bedroom furniture made from reclaimed wood is an ideal twist on a traditional design. Key pieces of rustic furniture, together with new lighting and soft furnishings easily show off your unique personality and rustic style. – showing only too well that you do not have to change all of your furniture to achieve the rustic feel.