Let the Valentine’s Day countdown begin!

Contemporary modern art grey hare canvas painting

Sick of looking at all of the cheap plastic trinkets that are meant to show you care about your partner just one day a year? Or the expense of a piece of jewellery you’re not too sure of just to make sure you get them something? Bored of the traditional chocolate and flowers? If so, then why not consider something more longstanding to reflect both the commitment to your relationship (and therefore your home) and opt for a statement piece of furniture or special accessory instead? Every time your spouse or partner admires it, they’ll be reminded of your good taste and generosity – better yet, it will no doubt become a unique talking point for guests.

Show the love with contemporary art

There can’t be a more thoughtful gesture than selecting contemporary art as a generous Valentine’s Day gift. Many couples enjoy art galleries and exhibitions together. Why not have some of this atmosphere at home to complete your room? Animals and wildlife have always been a traditional subject for art, so our Giclée canvas animal prints could be the perfect gift to hang in the dining room while you enjoy your Valentine’s Day meal, or perhaps behind the couch while you snuggle up and enjoy a romantic movie. The signed work of Brighton artist Ant Fox is stunning and a treat for anybody to own. Art is a personal decision, yet with a little consideration it will be enjoyed for years to come and echo the furniture and design of your living room as well as showing your other half just how much you know their taste.

Grey Hare Canvas Art Painting

Give the gift of time with contemporary clocks

Any home needs a good quality contemporary clock; not just for good time keeping but also for visual effect, and to complete the overall look of the room. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right size of clock for your taste, but these days you can find some really striking clocks that offer are a fusion of traditional Roman Numerals, together with a contemporary finish and metals. These contemporary clocks are made in 10 colours or finishes, which means you will be spoilt for choice. There will no doubt be one to suit your dining room or kitchen, especially if you have gone for an industrial or rustic look. Choose from chic industrial styles with contrasting numerals next to the frame, or a more understated black open design, to suit yours and your partners’ tastes.

Extra Large Vintage Metal Wall Clock

Contemporary Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rugs are very much sought after these days, thanks to the various colours available and the romantic overtones they portray. There are various light or dark shades and different sizes to suit your tastes and budgets and best of all – much like your relationship, each one is unique. Why not embrace this option as a lasting addition to the lounge? They really are reworked classics to add a feel of luxury to your home. This gift really will become a talking point next time you have guests and best of all, you won’t just be buying a token gift that will be put in a drawer and forgotten about. Instead, you’ll have a beautiful gift that adds both style and substance to your living area and reflects the home you’re building together.

Luxury Sexto White Sheepskin Rug

And finally…..

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to involve chocolates or flowers. With consideration and generosity, something for the home can reflect your good taste as a couple and your way of life. Either contemporary art, a contemporary clock or a contemporary sheepskin rug will become a much-loved addition to transform the home. And the good part is that all of these can be delivered to you right in time for Valentine’s Day.

Keep the romance alive for longer with a more long-lasting statement-piece as your gift this Valentine’s Day and give a romantic cosy feel well beyond February 14th.