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In the spotlight: new industrial dining tables

In the spotlight: new industrial dining tables

The industrial style is perfect in so many ways. With the small detailing lifting it from minimal to refined and uncluttered, it is no wonder that the industrial dining table, whether a 6 seater dining table or something smaller, is one of the most popular choices for both the kitchen/diner and the formal dining room.

It is because of this popularity for the style, a timeless fusion between reclaimed wood and metal, that we have chosen to add three more industrial dining tables to our range. And none will disappoint. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which one to opt for…

The Standford reclaimed wood dining set

As reclaimed wood dining tables go, the Standford must surely be top of the list.

And no wonder, the reclaimed wood table top is appealing to both the eye and touch, it’s metal frame simple yet a welcome additional detail to a streamlined dining table.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Dining Set with Leather Chairs

The Standford reclaimed wood dining table is also versatile as it comes as a dining set. An extendable top means it can easily accommodate an influx of guests and diners. Opt for a two or four-seater, or why not discover the delightful practicalities of a dining bench?

Standford Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench

The larger table extends to over two metres, perfect for those summer parties, Christmas dinners and more…

The Amalfi u-bar industrial dining table

Similar in many ways is the Amalfi industrial dining table but with the added detailing of the u-bar legs at either end of this two-metre table. There is a grandeur to this table that attracts us – so we know you’ll love it – because reclaimed wood furniture always brings something unique. And the Amalfi u-bar industrial dining table doesn’t disappoint.

Amalfi U Bar Industrial Oak Dining Table

There is a cool smoothness to this table that is attractive. The refined wood table top would suit the smoothness of brown leather dining chairs or even a bench. But what is clear about this industrial table is its versatility. With the u-bar legs, it can easily morph from a four to six-seater dining table with a chair for a guest at each of its short ends.

If you like cool and chic, the Amalfi u-bar industrial dining table should be on your list.

The Amalfi white spider leg oak industrial dining table

The industrial style brings together brooding steel with the comfort, warmth and familiarity of wood and in most cases in our range, the uniqueness of reclaimed wood.

Amalfi Oak Industrial Dining Table and Velvet Dining Chairs

Details are careful and considered, something that we liked about the Amalfi white spider leg industrial dining table. This oak dining table epitomises the industrial style with a hint of glamour.

Glamour doesn’t always have to scream at the top of its voice. It can shimmer and dazzle without imposing which is why the detailed wood top of this inspired dining table is the perfect match for the straight lines of the spider legs.

Painted white, they inject plenty of glamour, a hint of 'something different' for the dining room but also perfect for the kitchen/diner too. Make even more of it with velvet dining chairs, and you have the perfect basis for industrial glamour in your dining room.

Which of these would be your choice?

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