Cosy industrial living room TV ideas

cosy industrial living room tv ideas

Time to cosy up in front the TV

We will all be spending more time in front of the TV over the next few winter months, so let’s look at how it works in the space you have. Does it fit well in the space? Can people see it from wherever they are in the room? Would it be better in a different position in the room? You might also have a second focal pointing your room that you don’t want to sit with your back to like an open fire or wood burner, or maybe the sun hits the screen at a certain time during the day.

1. Place your TV at the optimum distance from your seating

There are some useful guidelines about how far away from the TV screen you should be sitting. For 30 to 49 inch TV’s it is recommended to leave a distance of 3-5 feet, whereas a 50 inch and above screens should have a minimum of 6ft.

industrial tv stand with bottom shelf and two drawers

2. Choose an attractive TV stand

Wall mounting a large flat-screen TV has always been a popular choice but it can sometimes look a bit low and like it is floating in the middle of nowhere – then of course there’s often an unsightly cable dangling down to the nearest powerpoint. And, you still need to find somewhere to place TV boxes and games controls and all the other bits and bobs that are needed near to the TV. This is the time to consider a reclaimed wood TV stand. A medium height TV stand is generally 50-60cm high – your TV should ideally be at or just below your eye level when you are sitting down. You definitely don’t want to be straining your neck to be looking up at it all the time!

The Standford industrial TV stand is a perfect choice for your living room with warm reclaimed wood on stylish industrial legs, with the industrial coffee table from the same range you have your living room furniture sorted.

3. Balance out proportions

Of course, the TV is not the most important thing in everyone’s living room! If you like books or like to have decorative pieces around you, you may want to blend your TV in more into the rest of the room rather than it being the focal point of the room. You can bring some balance into the room by adding some wall shelving or a rustic bookcase on either side. This will give the room some balance and draw attention away from the TV.

reclaimed wood bookcase with metal back bar

4. Blend TV in with living room

Another top trick to help your TV blend in to your room is to paint the walls a dark colour rather than white or a pale neutral colour. Deep dark colours are very much on-trend, especially in the living room to give it a cosy comforting feel, and it also helps the TV blend into the wall.

dark painted living room with large tv screen on wall