Reception Room Ideas – Revamp Time!

Kensal Round Marble Coffee Table for reception area

For any business, front-of-house is critical in creating an impression of your business that is favourable. For hostels and other hospitality businesses, the reception area is the first step people take into your business and we’ve got lots of reception room ideas to make sure your customers are excited to be with you.

Waiting Room Chairs & Seating

The reception area is when customers sign in and may need to sit to wait. With this in mind, your waiting room chairs & seating becomes so important. Leather Sofas and chairs are a popular and practical choice, you may also decide to invest in some small tables to complete the look. However, if your business is more industrial or perhaps more modern, a more urban seating area may be appropriate so keep it in mind the branding of your business when choosing office reception furniture.

Caesar Brown Leather 2 Seater Chesterfield Sofa for receptionReception Area Furniture

For people who are waiting or for patrons who want to relax, sofas and armchairs are essential.

Consider an arrangement of two-seater sofas interspersed with statement piece armchairs. The classic sofa shape, complete with sumptuous cushions are inviting at the end of a long journey for most people. Choose fabrics wisely so that they can withstand more frequent use. A leather sofa works well, as does treated upholstered luxury sofas.

Chesterfield brown leather armchair for reception

Shop Chester Club Leather Armchair

Team with furniture that supports the waiting area, again choosing material carefully. Wooden furniture adds warmth, whilst metal framed furniture can add a sense of the contemporary to a space. For the most perfect reception furniture collection, add an oak and concrete contemporary coffee table or go for sublime marble with this Kensal Circular Coffee Table.

Kensal Circular Marble Coffee Table in reception

Atmosphere = Lighting and Décor

The reception area should be light and airy, neutral in tone but not devoid of warmth nor welcome. There must be splashes of colour – fresh flowers add colour, and scent too – and the use of glass is fantastic for reflecting light, ambient and natural, around the space.

A glossy floor also creates an appealing feature to the room. It is streamlined and contemporary, but not devoid of character. Scatter cushions and the drapes add texture and form too.

With these reception room ideas, done right the impression of the space is nothing short of wow – exactly what you’re hoping to impress upon your visitors.