How to make a shared office space design work

Oldman industrial reclaimed wood bespoke desks for home

Oldman Reclaimed Wood Bespoke Desks with Bespoke paint

Since the pandemic, a shared home office space with our partner, friends or flatmates was a thing many of us had to get used to. Couples, friends or flatmates who work together from home may face the occasional extra stress or strain on their relationship or friendship at times, but it also provides an opportunity to become more synchronised and harmonious. Usually, the key to successful co-working lies in the working environment itself, so creating the perfect shared office space design is of paramount importance.

There are key questions to be asked from the earliest stage, such as whether to face each other, whether to be back to back or side by side. There’s also how best to come to an agreement on the optimum working temperature, together with how to put up with their choice of music! Here at Modish Living, we have a range of exquisite home office furniture that can make your home office design the perfect spot for productivity.

Reclaimed wood furniture lends itself perfectly to a shared office space design, and the beautiful Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wooden Desk is always a good choice. This good-looking piece is ideal for both large and small rooms and with two handy drawers, it offers essential storage. A couple of these reclaimed wood desks will be perfect for working couples, especially when paired with the extra comfy and chic Standford Faux Leather Office Chair in either grey or brown. Home office furniture can look wonderful and feel practical at the same time, after all.

Take a well-earned break and relax

Office design usually includes rest areas or break-out zones these days, and your shared office space design in the home can do just the same. Unwinding in style on the sumptuous Triumph Cerato Brown Leather Armchair is a must at times, in part because a leather armchair will help you regain your energy. When accompanied by either the Spitfire Cerato Brown Leather Footstool or the luxurious Leather Storage Footstool, you can relax like never before.

Whether you choose a rustic wood desk or an ultra-modern contemporary desk, you will want to think about the rest of the home office design. Storage can be a major issue, because the last thing you want is to face a mountain of clutter every morning, especially when there is two of you and double the clutter. Thankfully, beautiful solutions can be found, such as the elegant Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Tall Bookcase, a must for those who want to remain organised.

Beautiful artwork has the power to inspire in any office environment, whether that’s at home or at work. No matter if your choice is quirky or more serious it should be something that you both enjoy to look at.

Once your shared office space design is complete, be sure to reward yourself with a break in the rest area. Settle back on your comfy armchair with a satisfied smile on your face, a cup of coffee and a wonderful sense of achievement in the air. Your home office design may just end up becoming your favourite room in the whole house.