Kitchen storage hacks for summer dining

Picasso Oak Industrial Sideboard

Picasso Industrial Oak Sideboard

With the summer finally upon us, we not only change our eating habits regarding how we eat, but we also often change where we eat. From juicy burgers off the BBQ to picnic lunches in the garden, al fresco dining is something we can all enjoy, but it does come with some complications.

Outside dining often means a change in cutlery, plates and more. For many of us, changing the storage in our kitchen is a must in summer because no one wants plates dishes and salad bowls clogging the worktops. With these tips below, however, outside or summer dining indoors should be an absolute breeze.

Add a sideboard to the dining room or area

A sideboard is not the old-fashioned addition you may think of it, especially not when you consider the rather splendid and cool chic of the Picasso industrial small oak sideboard. Simple yet striking in its appeal, a sideboard can hide a myriad of sins whilst also providing handy, accessible storage space.

Dakota Reclaimed Wood Dark Sideboard

Depending on the look and style you want, there are many other options, including the Dakota sideboard. Imposing without being overpowering, there is ample storage space, as well as stylish design.

Not just ideal for the dining room, this versatile investment piece will look great in a hallway too – because who says your kitchen supplies needs to be hidden in the kitchen?

Extra storage that works for YOU

When making any decisions about storage, you need to consider how YOU would use it. All too often, the stylish additions that glossy magazines wax lyrical about are all well and good aesthetically, but they offer you very little in the way of space and accessibility.

English Beam Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

Choose with care because you may end up with an elephant of a piece sat in the corner of the room that you don’t really know what to do with. With this smaller kitchen sideboard, you have no need to worry. Perfect for storing away all the picnic and al fresco dining, it would look stunning alongside your reclaimed wood dining table too.

However, if you want to make a statement, the rather handsome dimensions of this large sideboard from the Colette range is a must. With more than enough room to store everything from napkins to table linens, it is a versatile piece of kit no matter what time of year. Perfect for putting away Christmas table decorations too, we think…

Not everything needs to be hidden

Reclaimed wood furniture can be beautifully styled even with items that don’t perhaps fit in the cupboards and drawers – it doesn’t always have to be that everything needs hiding away. As well as shelving and open-shelved units, why not consider a large sideboard complete with display unit.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dresser

Offering the best of both worlds – cupboards and shelving – the grand, but not overly tall or looming Dorset reclaimed wood dresser is an investment that will keep on giving for years to come and it’ll go perfectly with your reclaimed wood dining table too!

And finally…

… ditch the plastic boxes with lids. Utilitarian they may be, but beautiful they are not. Complementing reclaimed wood is not hard, especially when you choose wide-weave baskets.

Now, what are your perfect storage solutions for summer?