The pros of adding a breakfast bar to the kitchen

White Breakfast in Kitchen

Kitchen with Dining Table

In our series of renovation blogs, we look at various projects that add not only value to a property but enhances comfort, style and flow.

This time, we are going to take a look at adding a breakfast bar table and stools to the kitchen, an invaluable addition to any home. And the great thing is, you don’t need a lot of space to accommodate one either.

Why include a breakfast bar?

As an informal seating area, it is an ideal addition to a busy kitchen. It doesn’t have to be a full-sized breakfast bar with seating for the whole family. A small seating area where the kids can perch while you make breakfast or a place where you can sit whilst your other half makes dinner, to a place to grab a snack or read the paper, with kitchen shelving built in, a breakfast bar is easy to incorporate in a kitchen renovation.

1 The ideal spot

A breakfast bar need be nothing more than a small overhang of a ledge and matched with two breakfast bar chairs. To keep the appeal slimline, choose a stool without a back or too many details. When not in use, simply tuck away under the ledge.

Raw Light Oak Tall Stool

2 Make the most of the U-shaped kitchen

To get the best from the kitchen, many of us choose a U-shaped design. Giving three sides of possible storage solutions, it makes the best use of a small space. If you have at one side of this U-shape open, you could place a row of bar chairs on the opposite side of the kitchen, a super-easy way of creating a breakfast bar table with stools to match!

Union Button Back Bar Stool

3 Round the corner

To make the most of your kitchen space, you may choose to place a cupboard and expanse of worktop beyond a kitchen wall or corner. What this creates is an ideal space that is perfect for two bar stools to snuggle next to each other and offer a fantastic seating area. Match the stools with the worktop to give a cohesive finish. And don’t forget, there is nothing wrong with a little luxury like these rather grand and sumptuous breakfast bar chairs.

Parker Leather Bar Stool

4 Freestanding breakfast bar

So far, we have discussed making a breakfast an integrated part of a new kitchen, but it could be that you decide to add a freestanding farmhouse furniture one. A breakfast bar table and stools set that matches the farmhouse kitchen table, for example, would be a shrewd move as it wouldn’t look out of place. And because it is freestanding, you can not only relocate it in the kitchen but onto the patio for breakfast in the sun too, from time to time.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Breakfast Bar Table and Stools

5 Custom design

If the space is small or even a vast kitchen area, or the shape of the room awkward, the best solution is a custom-made breakfast. Remember, you need to be accurate with your measurements, especially concerning the height of the custom-made breakfast bar as you want to be confident you will find bar chairs or stools that ‘fit’.

Is a breakfast bar something you have considered? We would love to see your ideas!

Main photo credit: Photo by Brad Javernick of Home Oomph