Lights that will stylishly brighten your home office

Rock pendant lights

Working in natural light is the best option but when the skies are grey or you work late at night, what kind of lighting in the home office illuminates without dazzling? The answer lies in pendant light, a single or cluster of lights that hang from the ceiling, casting a practical glow around the home office. But how do you style the lights in the home office? Do you opt for large pendant lighting choices, or smaller, more subtle choices? And what else makes a difference to your lighting.

1. Position is the most important factor

Whether you want bright lights or a soft, warm glow, the single most important factor of sure-fire in the home office is position. Never work in shadow but also don’t opt for a bright light directly in your eyeline either. Hanging a light in front of your home office desk where it neither dazzles nor cast shadows is the better option.

Don’t want to go to the expense of moving lighting? Pendant lights are ideal as they can use the current ceiling fitting but the long cable means the light itself can be stylishly hooked into a different position.

2. Size of lighting

Pendant lights and shades come in different shapes and sizes. Essentially, this is a personal choice but one that closely linked to the style of your home office.

Rock Pendant Light

For example, an industrial style home office will be chic and almost-minimal in appearance, a great style for the industrious nature of the home office.Modern pendant lighting would fit right in. There are other styles too, of course, such as a bamboo pendant light that would fit well within the Scandinavian style in the home office (and other rooms too).

3. Consider colour too

The previous on size of the pendant light leads nicely onto choosing colour. It may be that you want the light to stand out (or maybe you don’t!) but there is one sure-fire way of achieving this: colour.

Bordur White Woodchip Pendant Light

Natural bamboo or wicker tends to blend into a room but a black pendant light will slot perfectly into an industrial style. Standing out doesn’t always mean bright, gregarious colours – take this white pendant light, for example, and the statement it could make in your home office.

4. Material

Just because it is a functional item in a functional space doesn’t mean that the pendant light in the home office has to be boring. Far from it! Which is why we have a range of materials on offer with all our lights. For example, what about woodchip modern pendant lighting, perfect for adding a touch of ‘something different’ for an item in your home office that is functional? Perfect for sitting alongside your reclaimed wood desk and sumptuous leather office chair.

Mila Woodchip Round Pendant Light

5. Desk lamp complement!

As well as a ceiling light, don’t forget the difference a desk lamp could make. Again, a desk lamp can be anything but boring such as this beautiful recycled glass lamp that will work in the home office and be just as much at home in the hallway, the living room, the bedroom or any other room you could possibly think of!

Mia Recycled Glass Table Lamp