How to choose the right pendant light for your home

Large Woodchip Pendant Light above dining table

Choosing a pendant light that dazzles with style but is also functional can be tough, especially when there are so many on the market. As lighting styles go, there is nothing better for accenting your reclaimed wood furniture than a pendant light but how do you go about choosing one that fits right in with your dining room or over the kitchen island?

What’s the purpose of the pendant light?

The thing about pendant lights is that they can be both a stylish feature with an added note of ambient lighting or they can be practical lighting solutions over the kitchen island. In this sense, the light you choose to hang over the reclaimed wood dining table will be different from a kitchen pendant light.

What style of pendant light will work best?

Style is important. You’ll need kitchen pendant lighting to be uber practical whereas you can afford a light with a little more flourish over the dining table. A wicker pendant light ticks many boxes and suits most interior design styles.

Wicker Hariam Pendant Light

How many pendant lights would you opt for?

From one pendant light in the dining room to several clustered over the kitchen island, when it comes to how many, only space and budget limit your final choice. It is not uncommon for customers to opt for one statement pendant light over the dining table – why not opt for large pendant lighting to really make a statement? – and to opt for more above the kitchen island. It’s your choice whether you opt for even numbers or odd numbers of lights, although there are some clustered pendant lights that hang as one fitting but with three shades.

Bamboo Manta Triple Pendant Light

What about the size?

You want the light to add to the room but not detract from it and that means getting the sizing right. Too small and it won’t have an impact but too big, and it will swallow space in the eyeline of the room making it feel smaller and more cluttered than it is. The same is true for the style and detailing of the shade or light itself. A bamboo light is perfect for adding a hint of detail – bamboo pendant lights fit in with a number of styles of décor, but a statement pendant light can add a big note of interest, forming a focal point in the room too.

Bamboo Manta Tapered Pendant Light

How tall is the ceiling?

What you don’t want is having to duck or bend around the pendant light because it hangs too low from a ceiling that is also low. But what makes this style of lighting different from others is the fact that it usually hangs lower than normal ceiling lights or fittings. It is possible to adjust the length of the fitting on some pendant lights but not others. If you have low ceilings, consider a wicker pendant light that has a smaller shade or presence in the room too.

How will the pendant light style fit with your décor?

Rattan Gaze Pendant Light

Whether you have a modern kitchen or a rustic-inspired dining room, there is a pendant light to suit. A black wicker pendant light would be perfect for the rustic style dining room or woodchip shaded lighting would work well in the Scandi-inspired kitchen.

Large Woodchip Pendant Light

The beauty of pendant lighting is that there is something for every style and every budget.