Styling tips for an industrial round dining table

Standford Round Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Leather Chairs

A round table is ideal for any living room but if you want to bring a hint of industrial style to the dining room landscape, follow these styling ideas to create a contemporary setting that will work in the dining room and kitchen.

Start with a dining room rug

It may be functional but that doesn’t mean the industrial style can’t have hints of luxury. The best way to add a sumptuous note is with texture, so start with a beautiful blue rug to act as a soft platform on which to style the round industrial dining table.

Louis De Poortere Fading World Blue Night Rug

Choice of round industrial dining table

There are many tables from which to choose including a large round dining table, perfect as a versatile 6-seater dining table for the dining room or kitchen diner. However, on this occasion, we’ve opted for the elegant proportions of the industrial reclaimed wood dining table . If there is one genre of style that reclaimed wood furniture comes into its own, it is the industrial style.

Standford Round Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The beauty of brown leather dining chairs

There is a cool, elegantly sumptuous feel to leather upholstered items whether it is a brown leather sofa or these delightful brown leather dining chairs, and they make the perfect accompaniment to the industrial round dining table. Adding detail without clutter – the mantra of the industrial style – they bring just enough pizzazz to the setting.

Supporting players – the drinks cabinet

The industrial style brings pared-back elegance and luxury to any room. There are plenty of opportunities for sumptuous notes of detail – in other words, the industrial style is far from boring. If there is one piece that brings decadence it is this attention-grabbing cocktail cabinet. The height brings a layer of drama, as does the design of the front doors. Reminiscent of the decadent 1920s, nothing says old-school glamour more than a cocktail cabinet, don’t you think?

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Drinks Cabinet

Statement pendant lamp

Too much sparkle and glitz would jar against the essence of the industrial interior design style, which is why we’ve opted for the black bamboo pendant ceiling light. Bamboo may not be an ‘industrial’ material, but it is a natural one. Sustainably sourced, bamboo has industrial qualities about it – long-lasting, lightweight with a cool beauty of its own. Create a style synergy with the bamboo pendant light paired with lush green plants nestled in bamboo pots in the dining area.

Dress the table

From white crockery to black cutlery, dressing the table with an industrial tinge is more than possible. Consider using a linen tablecloth for more formal occasions but when the atmosphere is relaxed, add softness (and practicality!) with blue linen napkins, an ideal connection with the beautiful blue rug we started with.

Lovely Linen Denim Blue Napkins

With white walls as a blank canvas backdrop, everything in this setting is given the opportunity to shine at certain points. With so much layering of detail, it really is the perfect industrial style dining room setting.