Lofty living room ideas: how to get the industrial style

Lofty living room ideas: how to get the industrial style

industrial style living room with white fabric sofa and exposed brick wall

Industrial interior design can often be described as the type of style that chooses function over form, whilst embracing the characteristics of those materials that may well be used to create buildings. Bricks, exposed and untreated timbers, steel – these are all elements of a building that would normally be hidden away as part of a design, but with industrial design, it’s about showing these off.

Let’s take a look at how versatile the style can be to inspire you to create your own industrial scheme living room that will work with other styles to create a truly stunning room.

Keeping The Classic Industrial Style

A classic industrial look is one that uses bare bricks or concrete walls, with reclaimed wood furniture and black steel accents – this look works best in a modern warehouse conversion apartment. It’s a strong look but can easily be softened in order to make it fit in any style of living space. Consider utilising brown leather sofas and other soft textures like rugs and cushions to help break the hard lines and surfaces and soften the overlook aesthetic.

industrial sideboard with two cupboards and drawers

Make It Mid-Century Industrial

This style is typified by blocks, sharp angles and coated steel along with pops of colour. Industrial furniture that works well in a mid-century style industrial living room includes those with a strong presence of steel and uniform lines. The block wooden front of the Mitcham Large Oak Squared Industrial Sideboard is a great choice for incorporating this style.

industrial oak sideboard with middle cupboard open

Bring In Bohemian Industrial

If you favour a monochrome palette then this is the industrial style for you. The look is based around the use of mostly black and white with natural textures, including linen, rope, leather and natural wood bringing a tactile side. An industrial sideboard like the Kingsbridge Industrial Oak Reclaimed Sideboard or an industrial shelving unit such as the Standford Industrial Bookcase are great examples of natural wood, with plenty of character, and black steel detailing that would work really well.

industrial style living room with white sofa and black and white rug

Keep It Cosy With Rustic Industrial

Whilst it may seem unusual to see rustic and industrial matched together in this way, this style is a comforting one that offers a cosy combination of the two styles in a perfect pairing. It keeps the rustic look modern, whilst the exposed wood is a obvious element of industrial furniture. A comfortable tan leather sofa sitting alongside a Derby Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table is the perfect typification of this style. A rustic sideboard would also be a great addition to a rustic industrial living room.

Pioneer Pretty Pastel Industrial

Whilst the key components of industrial interior design include those elements such as brick and metal that may seem harsh and masculine, using a pastel palette can really help to soften the look. A tan leather sofa rather than something in a darker shade makes the perfect seating choice and opt for accessories in pastel shades to break up the look of your industrial style furniture.

Bring In The Outdoors With Natural Industrial

This final form of industrial interior design brings together two styles that may appear to be polar opposites, however the two in fact go incredibly well together. The Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed Wood TV unit is a seamless combination of reclaimed wood with all the character of wood exposed and celebrated and cool black steel – nature and industrial in one seemingly industrial tv stand. Bring in plant life and foliage to capture the natural mood further and contrast against the metal and wood.

Hopefully, we’ve now offered some insight into the ways you can bring industrial style to your living room. Which way will you choose to go with it? Don’t forget to visit our Ideas and Inspiration for more great ways to improve your home. Or sign-up to our newsletter below and get a weekly dose of inspiration to your inbox.