Will outdoor furniture get ruined by the rain?

rain in garden for will outdoor furniture get ruined by the rain blog

a garden in the rain for will outdoor furniture get ruined in the rain blog

With the arrival of summer and warmer weather (at last!), many of us will be jumping at the chance to spend as much time in our outdoor space as we possibly can and put our new luxury outdoor furniture to work. Most outdoor furniture is built to sustain the twists and turns of the British summertime, but that doesn’t mean its bullet-proof. To make yours last season after season, check out our top tips for protecting your wood, iron or faux rattan garden furniture from the rain or whatever mother nature decides to throw at it.

Protecting wooden outdoor furniture from the rain

When it comes to wood furniture, we recommend looking for a hardwood for its density and hardiness. Our Exeter patio table and chairs crafted in acacia wood is a great choice for your garden as it’s rich in natural oils that help prevent rain and moisture from causing damage. However, acacia wood has been known to warp in extreme heat, so be sure to use the handy parasol hole on the hottest days to keep the wood and yourself protected from the sun. Oh, and if you have any furry friends, acacia wood is extremely scratch resistant, making it the perfect pick for pet and wildlife-friendly spaces. Eucalyptus wood furniture is also a great pick for similar reasons, as is teak wood. A teak garden table is also fantastic option for outdoor furniture due to its density and sturdiness, meaning you won’t need to anchor it down on windy days and it can be left outside in pretty much all weather conditions. We would however recommend using a cover once summer is over, so that when the sun does comes back out to play, your garden dining table is looking its best at your summer social gatherings.

Caring for metal garden furniture

metal love seat in white

If you prefer garden furniture with a contemporary vibe, iron, aluminum or metal garden furniture gives your garden that industrial edge. Iron is weighty and durable, however a weakness is that it can be susceptible to rust if regularly exposed to the rain. To prevent rust, we recommend covering during wet months and the winter. Apply WD-40 or opt for powder-coated iron furniture such as our Poole Outdoor Dining Table and matching seating. The powder coating creates a clever barrier preventing corrosion to the iron. For smaller spaces, a metal bistro set would be a fantastic addition as balcony or patio furniture – the lightweight nature means it should need to be stored away during windy weather.

Keep faux rattan outdoor furniture looking its best

close up of rattan sofa set

As beautiful as natural rattan is, it can’t cope with our unpredictable and typical British weather conditions. Natural rattan can become brittle when exposed to heat or moisture, so it’s best to save it for your conservatory or indoor space. PE (Polyethylenerattan) rattan outdoor furniture is man-made and won’t degrade like natural rattan. Our PE rattan Torquay Rattan Cube Dining Set is the epitome of luxury, with showerproof padded cushions you wont need to worry about being caught in an unexpected shower. To prevent any staining, we recommend bringing the cushions inside and placing a cover over the faux rattan frame when it’s not in use to protect it from natural elements, including bird droppings that are stubborn to remove on fabric.

See our fabulous collection of garden furniture, including a wide selection of PE rattan sofa and dining sets.


What’s the difference between recycled and reclaimed wood?

what's the difference between recycled and reclaimed wood

reclaimed, recycled, reused poster

If you thought that recycled and reclaimed wood furniture were terms used to refer to the same thing, then you wouldn’t be alone. Recycled and reclaimed are two buzz words that are bounded around frequently, but the two things are, however, really quite different. Here we clear up some of the confusion between the two and explore what makes them different.

To put it simply, recycled wood is something that has been broken down from its original form and used in an entirely different way, whilst reclaimed refers to something that is either reused in its same form for either a new purpose or exactly what it was originally intended for. Still confused? Let’s look at this deeper…

Recycled wood

When wood is recycled, an original wooden item is taken and broken down completely before being made into something completely new. It does not retain any of its original form or features and in essence, is a material that is altered back to more of its original state in order for it to be completely reused for any other purpose. This is different from upcycled, which is when piece is renovated, either by painting, varnishing or replacing hardware, and given a different look or style.

pile of recycled wood chippings for what's the difference between recycled and reclaimed wood blog

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood refers to items or pieces of wood that are still in its original form but have been restored, treated and crafted by experts in to something different. A great example of this is our Derby Reclaimed Wood collection of reclaimed wood dining tables

Which is better for the environment?

Both recycled and reclaimed have significant benefits for the environment when compared to new, however, reclaimed is the better of the two because it has less of an impact on the environment. The recycling process involves breaking the wood down and making it into something different and this process needs a significant amount of energy. Reclaiming on the other hand involves minimal manufacturing with many pieces crafted and finished by hand and therefore using less energy.

crafting reclaimed wood furniture for what's the difference between recycled and reclaimed wood blog

Other benefits of buying reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed wood can be used to make a wide range of furniture that is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a more rustic style in the home.

Furniture that is created using reclaimed wood has a character and warmth that simply cannot be found in other items of furniture. The natural ageing process gives wood authentic patinas and depth of colour that can only really be achieved over time. Small dents, knots and even minor imperfections can also add to this character and offer every piece of reclaimed wood furniture a truly individual, one-of-a-kind look.

reclaimed wooden sideboard with two cupboards and three drawers

The joy of purchasing items made of reclaimed wood is that each piece will be unique, even those pieces that are made in the same style. The popularity of reclaimed furniture is on the rise as people look for more sustainable ways in which they can align their lives with a desire to help the planet. Pieces of furniture that are particularly popular include the reclaimed wood dining table. The size of this type of furniture really does lend itself very well to showcasing the glory of reclaimed wood, whilst a rustic sideboard and reclaimed wood coffee table are also very popular choices for stylish and eco-conscious homes.

Do you have any reclaimed furniture in your home? We’d love to see how you style it. Follow us @modishliving to see how our customers style our furniture and get ideas and inspirations for your own home.

Lofty living room ideas: how to get the industrial style

Lofty living room ideas: how to get the industrial style

industrial style living room with white fabric sofa and exposed brick wall

Industrial interior design can often be described as the type of style that chooses function over form, whilst embracing the characteristics of those materials that may well be used to create buildings. Bricks, exposed and untreated timbers, steel – these are all elements of a building that would normally be hidden away as part of a design, but with industrial design, it’s about showing these off.

Let’s take a look at how versatile the style can be to inspire you to create your own industrial scheme living room that will work with other styles to create a truly stunning room.

Keeping The Classic Industrial Style

A classic industrial look is one that uses bare bricks or concrete walls, with reclaimed wood furniture and black steel accents – this look works best in a modern warehouse conversion apartment. It’s a strong look but can easily be softened in order to make it fit in any style of living space. Consider utilising brown leather sofas and other soft textures like rugs and cushions to help break the hard lines and surfaces and soften the overlook aesthetic.

industrial sideboard with two cupboards and drawers

Make It Mid-Century Industrial

This style is typified by blocks, sharp angles and coated steel along with pops of colour. Industrial furniture that works well in a mid-century style industrial living room includes those with a strong presence of steel and uniform lines. The block wooden front of the Mitcham Large Oak Squared Industrial Sideboard is a great choice for incorporating this style.

industrial oak sideboard with middle cupboard open

Bring In Bohemian Industrial

If you favour a monochrome palette then this is the industrial style for you. The look is based around the use of mostly black and white with natural textures, including linen, rope, leather and natural wood bringing a tactile side. An industrial sideboard like the Kingsbridge Industrial Oak Reclaimed Sideboard or an industrial shelving unit such as the Standford Industrial Bookcase are great examples of natural wood, with plenty of character, and black steel detailing that would work really well.

industrial style living room with white sofa and black and white rug

Keep It Cosy With Rustic Industrial

Whilst it may seem unusual to see rustic and industrial matched together in this way, this style is a comforting one that offers a cosy combination of the two styles in a perfect pairing. It keeps the rustic look modern, whilst the exposed wood is a obvious element of industrial furniture. A comfortable tan leather sofa sitting alongside a Derby Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table is the perfect typification of this style. A rustic sideboard would also be a great addition to a rustic industrial living room.

Pioneer Pretty Pastel Industrial

Whilst the key components of industrial interior design include those elements such as brick and metal that may seem harsh and masculine, using a pastel palette can really help to soften the look. A tan leather sofa rather than something in a darker shade makes the perfect seating choice and opt for accessories in pastel shades to break up the look of your industrial style furniture.

Bring In The Outdoors With Natural Industrial

This final form of industrial interior design brings together two styles that may appear to be polar opposites, however the two in fact go incredibly well together. The Ironbridge Industrial Reclaimed Wood TV unit is a seamless combination of reclaimed wood with all the character of wood exposed and celebrated and cool black steel – nature and industrial in one seemingly industrial tv stand. Bring in plant life and foliage to capture the natural mood further and contrast against the metal and wood.

Hopefully, we’ve now offered some insight into the ways you can bring industrial style to your living room. Which way will you choose to go with it? Don’t forget to visit our Ideas and Inspiration for more great ways to improve your home. Or sign-up to our newsletter below and get a weekly dose of inspiration to your inbox.

New for spring: Be inspired by our new garden furniture collections

rattan garden sofa set in grey

outdoor furniture collection

As we enter April, our thoughts turn to the great outdoors and making sure the garden is ready for some summer fun! This is the favourite time of year for many as we move lunches and dinners alfresco and take our relaxation time outdoors, so what better time to upgrade your garden furniture than now! We are very excited to launch a brand new outdoor furniture collection with everything you need to sit back and enjoy the warmer weather in comfort and style! From a rattan corner garden sofa and an L shaped garden sofa to wooden garden table and chairs, here we pick some of four of our favourites from our new modern garden furniture available to buy now.

1. Falmouth outdoor corner sofa set

rattan corner set

This really is one for an elegant garden. Comprising a 3-seater chaise sofa, an armchair and a coffee table, this would look stunning on a patio area or in a corner of the garden with some trellis behind it covered in fragrant flowers to create a relaxing seating area. Perfect for afternoon or after-dinner drinks, the set is crafted from a premium powder-coated aluminium frame and all-weather PE rattan in a choice of natural or grey, whilst the matching deep cushions on the seats and backs are made in a showerproof material, ideal for the unpredictable British weather! It also comes in an option of a 2 seater garden sofa with two armchairs and a rectangular coffee table.

rattan corner sofa set

2. Southport patio table and chairs

For a modern Scandi look in your garden, the Southport collection comes with a cool and sophisticated edge. Available in two sizes, this garden dining set is perfect for smaller patio areas or balconies. The 2 seater bistro set with its small powder-coated aluminium coffee table and two chairs will squeeze into the tightest of spaces, whilst the rope weaving design of the chairs give them a lightweight appearance that is also perfect for smaller areas. For bigger spaces, the 4 seater patio set features a similar design, but includes a square dining table and four dining chairs. These patio sets come in a chic charcoal with grey padded showerproof cushions guaranteeing both style and comfort.

patio bistro set with two chairs and small side table

3. Poole teak garden furniture

If you love the look of industrial furniture inside you’re home, you’re going to be tempted by this outdoor dining table and chairs. A solid teak tabletop with a faded finish sits on thick powder-coated industrial style iron legs, whilst the contemporary dining chairs are crafted in the same powder-coated iron, but featuring a modern rope weave back in PE rattan and a slatted teak seat. For extra seating an outdoor stool is also part of the collection, perfect for when the party gets going!

wooden garden table and chairs

4. Alum Bay sofa set with rising table

We love PE rattan for its versatility and durability, and this poly rattan sofa set is the perfect solution for garden patios that want to combine dining with lounging. And why not? Outdoor living is for relaxing, right? This clever set looks like a stylish rattan garden sofa set, but the coffee table can be adjusted and raised so that it doubles-up as a dining table. Available in a grey or natural colour and three different designs, including two corner sofa sets, one with a square rising coffee table and the other a rectangular, together with a 3 seater sofa and two matching armchairs, you can be sure to find the right seating configuration for your space with this set.

rattan garden sofa set with rising coffee table

The Allum collection also includes a luxurious sunlounger with a reclining backrest that wouldn’t look out of place poolside in LA.

garden sun lounger next to swimming pool

Discover more from our NEW luxury garden furniture collection and take the fun outdoors.

How to declutter your wardrobe responsibly: 5 top tips

Pile of clothes to donate or keep for how to declutter your wardrobe responsibly blog

With the promise of spring around the corner, we can start to look forward to a rise in temperatures and longer days. A change in season always brings an opportunity for a wardrobe clear-out and whilst it’s the perfect time to get rid of items we haven’t worn, or are ever likely to wear again, and make room in our rustic wardrobes for some fabulous new spring and summer clothes, it’s important to make sure we do this responsibly.

pink wood jumper with recycle card for how to declutter your wardrobe responsibly blog

The benefits of decluttering our clothes is much talked about and there is something very satisfying about emptying our wooden wardrobe and wooden chest of drawers and creating an ordered and streamlined capsule collection for the new season. However, we’re all about recycling, repurposing and reducing our impact on our planet, so it’s important to declutter our wardrobes responsibly. Just like our reclaimed wood furniture that is given a new lease of life, here we look at the best ways to give your no longer loved garments a new home.

5 Ways to clear your wardrobe with a clear conscience

1. Sell them

This is the best way to re-home clothes you’ve fallen out of love with and the great news is, there are a host of websites that make this easy. From Depop and Vinted to E-Bay, resale sites will not only give your clothes a second chance, but it also feels good to get some money back. They are also an option for when you want to buy something new for your wardrobe – instead of going to the high-street or online, check out some pre-loved clothes first.

woman photographing clothes to sell for how to declutter your wardrobe responsibly blog

2. Swap them

Another great way of ensuring your clothes don’t end up in landfill is to swap them with friends or pass on to those who can make use of them. Children’s clothes are perfect for this, especially old school uniform. Most schools have a second-hand shop or check with the teacher before you chuck-out an old stained shirt – they make perfect smocks for craft and painting time. You can even organise a clothes swap evening with friends – a fun way to get together, whilst also being able to pick up something new to you.

pile of clothes to keep or donate for how to declutter your wardrobe responsibly blog

3. Donate them

We all think we’re doing the right thing when we donate clothes to a charity shop, and yes, it is a thoughtful choice, but it is important to be mindful when doing this. Charity shops get so many donations now and often very little is saleable or usable. Those jumpers with small holes in the armpit or a coat with a button missing may not be saleable in a charity shop and by donating, you are only moving the problem around. Look for charities that help people who need actual clothes and make sure what you’re giving them is in a good condition.

4. Recycle them

Clothes recycling bins can be found all over the UK making this an easy option for many. It’s a great option for pieces that are too worn to resell or donate and can be made into anything from car seats to cleaning cloths. Check with your local council to find your nearest clothing bin.

5. Repurpose or fix them

reclaimed wooden wardrobe in bedroom with rustic furniture

A missing button, broken zip or small hole in the armpit of a jumper doesn’t have to mean the end of our favourite fashion buys. Whilst not many of us would go as far as to darn socks in today’s age, we should look at mending an item before discarding it. If your skills aren’t up to the task, take your clothes to a local sewing and alteration shop.

If the garment is beyond repair, in the same way a reclaimed wood dining table is crafted from wood used before, you can repurpose the material of your once loved clothes. Old clothes are great in a wooden blanket box to use as dress-ups for kids and adults alike, whilst old towels are ideal to use as cleaning cloths or face cloths, certainly better than reels of kitchen roll and cotton wool.

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How to style a bookcase

Black metal lantern on industrial bookcase for How to Style a Bookcase blog

A rustic bookcase can be so much more than just a bookcase. It provides you with an excellent additional display opportunity in your living room, dining room, home office, kitchen or bedroom. Here we look at a few designer influenced ways to style the perfect shelving display.

There are so many different types of reclaimed wood shelving units available but one of our favorites is the Standford Industrial – we love to see an industrial shelving unit in the home office.

Industrial bookcase in reclaimed wood for How to Style a Bookcase blog

Choose your colour – As you know you don’t need to stick to just one colour – you can set a very flexible colour scheme. Neutrals with accent colours, different shades of your favourite colour, or blend two bold colours to make this a really eye-catching feature in a neutral room. Obviously, this will want to match your room to a certain degree so you can be influenced by other colours already in your room or dress your shelving first and then let that dictate an accent colour that you can bring into the rest of the room.

Grey bookcase with cupboard doors in living room with floor lamp and dining table

Odd numbers work – It is claimed that our brain finds odd numbers more appealing and as such memorises them more easily. Even numbers create symmetry but odd numbers create interest. Use this simple mind trick when you are dressing your shelving. So on one of your shelves, you can add clusters of three – three pots, three candles, three picture frames etc.

Three small pots of cactus for How to Style a Bookcase blog

Vary the height – When you have three items to put together you can use this to bring in different heights – so if you have some decorative vases you can go for the same “theme” but display different shapes, sizes and heights together – as one item so to speak.

Books and mags – Add a few of your favourite books – whether about gardening, food and travel, mindfulness etc. and show off your interests. On kitchen shelving, the perfect choice would be your favourite cookery books.

Bold statement pieces – Add at least one big bold item to your display shelving – this could be a large houseplant, a favourite heirloom, something special you found in a bric-a-brac shop – This will save the shelves looking too cluttered and your shelving will have a focal point. If it is a piece of artwork or sculpture you will also have a talking point for visitors.

Reclaimed wood furniture is really versatile and here we have styled the Chelwood bookcase with an industrial dining table.

Reclaimed wood bookcase for How to Style a Bookcase blog

You’ve been framed – Personalise your shelving display by adding a couple of your favourite photos, which can of course be of family and friends, your parent’s wedding day, pets etc. But they don’t have to be of family and friends – these pictures can be of places that are special to you and your family or inspirational quotes that you like to see regularly.

Bring the outdoors in – Houseplants are just so popular right now so you really should make space for one….if not more…on your shelving unit. Place a trailing plant on a high shelf so it tumbles down to the shelf below it. A trio of plants in miniature pots or a larger plant on a lower shelf.

Wooden bookcase with hanging green plants for How to Style a Bookcase blog

How to host the perfect dinner party

Women raising their glasses for How to host the perfect dinner party blog

Women at a dinner table for How to host the perfect dinner party blog

The global pandemic, social distancing, and the extended lockdown restrictions have made for a difficult year for people all over the world. The challenges that we faced affected every aspect of our lives, from the way we work and shop, to how we interact with our friends, family, and others around us. Fortunately, however, it looks as though the pandemic is under control for the most part and the promise of effective vaccines have made people hopeful that we can get out and enjoy life again.

The UK lockdown restrictions have now eased and are expected to be lifted further before the start of summer. That means we can enjoy spending time with family and friends, even having them over for a post pandemic dinner party.

With that in mind, it might be a good time to brush up on your hosting skills and get your dining space ready to accept guests again. We’ve got some top tips to refresh your hosting skills to ensure you’re ready to host the perfect dinner party this summer.

Tips for hosting the perfect dinner party

‘Tablescaping’ Tips And Organisation – the first step in hosting the perfect dinner party this summer is to create a beautiful tablescape on your rustic dining table or reclaimed wood dining table. This can include seasonal flowers, dinnerware, and other décor that give your meal the perfect background. Think about layering plates and linens for some texture and throw in some candles for a relaxed atmosphere.

Industrial dining table with green plants for how to host the perfect dinner party blog

Timed Cooking – the key to any successful meal is timing. With a plan and adequate organisation, the time spent in the kitchen can be enjoyable and simple – no mad rushes or forgotten elements! Some foods can be prepared the night before and have a sharp eye on the recipe for anything that may taste better if left to marinade. Some people find having a timed schedule visible in the kitchen and ingredients prepped and lined up in order easier to follow.

Keep Your Guests Happy– your guests have been stuck inside just as long as you have, and they are more than likely excited about being social again. But we’ve all been to a dinner party that’s had less than perfect talk. It’s the host’s job to keep conversation light and positive. There are now lots of conversation prompts, interesting questions and card games created for after dinner if you need a little extra steer to the bright side!

People playing games around a wooden dining table

To learn more about hosting the perfect dinner party, see our inspiration and ideas and shop our wide selection of stylishly designed home goods for your modern home. If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on your favourite social media sites.

5 Ways to get the industrial look for less

Loft apartment with industrial dining table and large metal paned windows

In this week’s blogs, we will be looking at the ever-popular industrial home interior style. We’re starting off today with some quick and easy tips to get the industrial look into your home for less!

1. Feature walls

Of course, not all of us have a loft-style property with existing exposed brick walls or a property that would allow you to expose a beautiful old red brick wall. But there are some excellent products on the market to help you achieve this. You can try brick effect cladding panels or if you are feeling artistic you can paint a wall in brick effect – there are also some great wallpapers that you can use. For a darker or smaller room, or if the brickwork is not quite good enough to be on full show, you can whitewash a brick wall. A grey mottled effect also works well on plastered walls giving your room an instant industrial look.

Grey industrial living room with two grey armchairs, concrete wall and industrial hanging ceiling lights

2. Introduce industrial dining room furniture

Adding industrial furniture to a room will upgrade the look and add instant loft appeal. In the dining room for instance you can introduce an industrial dining table. The Lansdowne table is perfect for this. To reinforce the industrial style opt for a mix of faux leather industrial chairs and of course a rustic wooden bench is a must-have. Opt for grey table linens and cushions to accentuate the lean towards a beautifully coordinated industrial space.

Industrial dining table with dark grey steel legs and matching wooden benchPhoto featuring: Lansdowne Industrial Dining Table and Lansdowne Industrial Dining Bench

3. Add some black

Black is your industrial best friend and a must-have in an industrial themed room – is there something you can paint black in your home? A radiator, some picture or mirror frames, the floor? You can also introduce black elements like plant pots, black display pieces, cushions, sofa throws, wall art and light fittings.

Industrial console table with brown leather chair and glass table lampPhoto featuring: Mitcham Industrial Oak Console Table

4. Add an industrial pendant light

A ceiling pendant light is another key piece in the industrial interior. A pendant light is most commonly seen in the kitchen over a breakfast bar or in the dining room hanging over the table – but you can add pendant lights over sofa side tables and bedside tables, it’s also a great way to free up some surface space. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money on a fancy designer lampshade – in industrial style, less is more – just a simple single bulb pendant will bring a whole load of style in!

Industrial dining table with matching wooden bench in white dining room with other rustic wood furniturePhoto featuring: Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench

5. Add reclaimed wood furniture

The industrial interior is all about no-fuss and frills so reclaimed wood furniture is a perfect partner. The natural wood grain on show next to functional black metal is an industrial match made in heaven, softening the metal and adding some textural contrast. The Standford range is proving to be as popular as ever for the industrial scheme. For coordinating dining room storage you can choose from the medium or large wooden sideboard or a glass display cabinet to show off your best bits.

Why we all love a large rustic dining table

Large rustic dining table with dark dining chairs and hanging green plants from wooden beam ceiling

Fingers crossed, restrictions here in the UK are getting less and less and we will be able to gather with friends and family once again! Many will still choose, or may not be able to take holidays overseas so we can have a look at alternative ways to enjoy summer. Of course, meeting up with family and friends will be something we’re going to enjoy en masse this summer, there is so much catching up to do.

Group of people around a rustic dining table full of food and drinks raising their glasses

As it’s not long until summer and the weather, hopefully, warms up, we will plan on spending the majority of our time out in our gardens…… but with our changeable British weather, we really do need a backup plan! Here we are having a look at some of the gorgeous large rustic dining tables that are available to gather around no matter what the weather…… and hopefully for many years to come.

Now is the time to get ready for entertaining guests again….after over a year of the dining area being used as a schoolroom, the office or a playroom we’ve got just enough time to refresh, redecorate and refurnish it, and let’s do it in an eco-conscious way by using reclaimed wood furniture. The dining table is the centrepiece of the dining room so let’s make it the star! What better way to create a warm and welcoming room than to opt for a reclaimed wood dining table…and now we will be entertaining again – let’s make it a large one!

Reclaimed wood dining table with trestle legs and matching wooden dining bench styled with a terracotta vase and green plantPhoto featuring: Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table

The large reclaimed wood Farringdon trestle table is already 2 meters long but with two 45cm extension leaves you can add 90 cm to the total length of the table – that’s plenty of room for four extra at the table. For seating you have the option of wooden dining chairs, but why not opt for a wooden bench? Great for budging up making even more space at the table. If you need some dining room storage then the large sideboard from the Farringdon collection can provide plenty in its three drawers and two cupboards.

Reclaimed wood dining table with monastery legs and fabric dining chairs

If farmhouse rustic style is more your thing then the 280cm long rustic Hoxton oak table should be considered. This table looks gorgeous with lush velvet dining chairs but is also a feature table in the farmhouse kitchen – chunky and sturdy pillar legs support a tabletop skilfully crafted from gorgeous solid oak.

Industrial dining table with black steel spider leg, brown leather dining chairs and grey faux leather dining bench style with black and white rugPhoto featuring: Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Dining Table

A spider leg table may not be everyone’s first thought when it comes to looking for large dining tables – but it really is a choice that makes perfect sense as there are no table legs in the way to bang knees against! You only have to glance at the Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak dining table with black metal spider leg to know it will bring a real touch of urban industrialism to your rustic dining space. Team with a leather or faux leather dining bench and you will have a welcoming space in which you will never tire of entertaining.