Living room to home theatre – in a few easy steps

Brown Cerato Leather Sofa

There are many ways you can the living room but have you thought about turning it into a home theatre? Follow these six steps to creating a home movie cinema right there in your living room…

1 The right home sound and viewing system

From investing in a huge TV to a projector and surround sound, clearly getting the right home movie system is the critical first step. Depending on what system you opt, you could be looking at a budget of £800+.

2 The right room

We are suggesting a movie room in the living room and whilst this may be suitable for most of us, it would be remiss of us to suggest that it is the only room in the house that can accommodate a cinematic feel to it.

Essentially, choose the room that isn’t bathed in sunlight every evening because this is the time you will most likely be watching the latest blockbuster – and sun streaming onto the TV or projector screen is not ideal.

3 Room décor

With your sound system and massive TV on order, you need to create the perfect backdrop. Darker colours on the walls, along with blinds and blackout drapes make for the perfect space to watch the latest release.

You will the way your industrial furniture and darker colours will work surrounded by the latest technology in the living room. But with a lot of tech being so small, you will find that creating a cinema in the living room works with the traditional, reclaimed furniture chic too.

4 The floor

Sound is affected by surfaces that either reflects sound waves or absorbs them. You need a mixture of both.

Louis de Poortere Mad Men Soho Copper Rug

A hard floor, such as wood, is great for bouncing the surround sound around the living room but if you feel you need some warmth underfoot, a flat weave rug is a great addition. Opt for the biggest you can, using it to sit the leather Chesterfield sofa on to give the room a ‘frame’.

5 Lighting

The ideal situation is to switch the lights off and be swallowed into the action on the big screen. But many of us find this too stark and so soft lighting in the room can help to digest all the colours of the movie you have chosen to watch.

Natural light interferes with the movie screen, so banish that from the room. Opt for dimmable LED lighting around the edges of the room, keeping any light behind you and not around the screen as many photos may show.

Raffles Reclaimed Wood Industrial Side Table

Of course, a table lamp on the nest of tables or industrial coffee table with storage next to your leather armchair wouldn’t go amiss for when you need light to find the remote.

6 Seats

The final step – but possibly the most important – is the choice of seating in your newly create living room cinema.

Granby Brown Leather Sofa

You may like to sit the traditional way on a chair, or curl up under a blanket on the sofa, or opt for a chair where you can dangle your legs over the side – the important thing is this: you get the best possible seating that is the comfiest for you (and in the style you love too!).

Why not send us the photos of your cinema-cum-living-room? We would love to see them!