Love industrial style? Love our oak dining tables

Hoxton Industrial Cross Leg Oak Dining Table

The industrial style was born in the lofts of reclaimed warehouse and industrial buildings. Open plan, they embraced bare brick, steel and reclaimed wood and the modern industrial interior design style as we know it was born.

The core elements remain the same as too does its penchant for being a practical, versatile style. The reclaimed wood furniture used through the scheme brings warmth and so its no wonder it is still a popular style for every room in the home. But where it does come into its own is in the kitchen.

Why choose an oak dining table?

Oak is a slow growing tree thus its grain is packed tightly together. Hard and incredibly robust, oak is a timber used in a variety of application. And when it is no longer needed in that shape or form, reclaiming it to make reclaimed oak dining table means we continue to benefit from its robust, yet warm nature.

The industrial style kitchen

The industrial style is not without its points of luxury. Don’t starve your industrial style kitchen of the finer details and hints of glamour because, with well-placed accessories, it will be a stylish and unique space.

A 6-seater dining table is an ideal size – it makes for a great everyday table as well as space for when you entertain more formally – and by keeping it simple, you effectively allow it to shine even more.

Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Spider Leg Dining Table and Brown Faux Leather Dining Chairs

With a dining table in the kitchen, it is easy to forget the wall accessories or assume that because it is the kitchen, it must be kitchenalia that adds the detailing that complements your industrial kitchen table. A wall mirror with decadent frame won’t go amiss in the kitchen and with a metallic frame, it sits beautifully within the industrial scheme landscape too.

Capella Round Wall Mirror

Make a statement with an oak dining table

Oak, as a material, makes a statement all of its own. People love it, they love its appearance and the feel of it too. The industrial style is a tactile scheme – the cool of metal, for example, contrasting against the warmth of the wood. The modern, slightly rustic feel to this sustainably sourced luxury oak table is a worthwhile investment. To maintain the industrial edge – and for practical reasons in the kitchen diner space – leather dining chairs are a must. Available in a range of colours and styles, there are also faux leather dining chairs to choose from too.

Picasso Industrial Oak Dining Table

X marks the spot

Making a statement is exactly what styling your home is all about which is why the cross legs of the Hoxton industrial dining table will appeal to you. Imposing, immediate and obvious, this in-front-of-your-eyes detailing is a rare find in the industrial style but when you want to make a statement, you need to be bold.

Hoxton Industrial Cross Leg Oak Dining Table

Marry this table with brown leather dining chairs to retain the softness of the wood but don’t forget to add accessories such as Rathbornes large scented candles and other sculptural delights too.

And with our new range of table linen, you have everything you need for your new industrial dining table.