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Luxurious coffee tables for every style & budget

Luxurious coffee tables for every style & budget

Wycombe Oak Rectangle Coffee Table

Whether you enjoy a latter or the depth of an espresso coffee, Coffee Break day celebrated across the globe on 4th March and is the perfect excuse to indulge in something extra special.

We all know how important breaks are, whether we are hard at work or completing tasks at home. And although excessive intake of caffeine impacts on our bodies, the occasional cup of coffee is a welcome treat. The better the quality of coffee bean, the richer depths you will enjoy in your chosen coffee. But do you like yours?

Do you like the milky undertones of a cappuccino or do you prefer the velvet smoothness of a latte? Or maybe, the jolt from an aromatic espresso is your secret treat…

How do you enjoy yours?

Of course, coffee, like a fine wine or a rich chocolate bar, is meant to be savoured and enjoyed, not sipped from a cardboard cup through a plastic lid as you run for the train!

Creating the perfect corner in your home to relax and savour any beverage or break is the ideal solution to enjoying a break.

And thus, the humble coffee table comes into view. But is it ‘just’ a coffee table or something more?

Something More…

A coffee table plays an important role in the living room, the office, or any space where there is informal seating like sofas and comfy armchairs. It is the platform on which you will place your artisan coffee, your favourite paperback or magazine when you kick back and relax.

It is a piece of reclaimed furniture that adds depth and detail to a space and thus, it makes sense to spend some time on getting the right coffee table in terms of style, as well as price.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Round Coffee Table

  • Shape – there are square ones, rectangle ones, oval ones and round ones from which to choose. The shape is a personal choice. Some people prefer the large rectangle coffee table as it frames the sofa in its position, whilst others prefer the curves of the round coffee table. Which suits your living room?
  • Style – reclaimed wood coffee tables are popular, simply because they offer style with aplomb but also because we fall in love with the romance of where the wood has been, the life and drama it has silently witnessed. Reclaimed wood is perfect for any style, including the brusqueness of the industrial style, to the warmth of the farmhouse styled living room.
Dorset Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table
  • Storage – of course, the humble coffee table is an important item in any living room but in the busy family home, it can be a furniture item that provides storage. A coffee table with storage is perfect for any home, but it can still look slimline, just in case you were worried about chunkiness that would not sit well alongside your chosen style.

The Coffee Table Budget

And finally, the cost of the coffee table reflects the quality and the style that it brings. And there is a reclaimed wood coffee table with your name written all over it, and within budget too. Why not take a look?



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