Make room for these beautiful refectory dining tables

Hoxton Oak Farmhouse Dining Table

A refectory is a large communal dining room, the kind of which you find anywhere from the work ‘canteen’ to the large dining halls of schools, colleges and other venues. At the centre of the refectory is the refectory table, a long trestle-like table around which many people can comfortably sit. Equally, at home, an oak dining table accompanied by a dining bench to match its length or upholstered dining chairs is giving the refectory table somewhat of a resurgence.

The grand oak trestle table

Carson Grand Oak Trestle Extending Farmhouse Table

Oak is a beautiful slow growing tree and the timber it gives is dense and incredibly robust.

The beauty of a large oak table is not to be underplayed and this trestle table is perfection. Two large column legs at either end, with delicious curves, give the table top a rigidity and strength.

Of course, it is the beauty that you will notice – both looks and quality – and frankly, we think sumptuously upholstered dining chairs won’t look out of place around it.

The Farmhouse dining table

Hoxton Reclaimed Wood Refectory Dining Table

Perfect for the refectory look – the long, imposing dining table at its centre – the farmhouse reclaimed wood dining table is the perfect mimic of the grand oak table.

It boasts a similar shape, complete with attractive leg columns and a reclaimed tabletop perfect for friends and family to gather around.

The farmhouse style is all about mixing function with style so why not mix it up with a dining bench down one long side of the table, and wooden and fabric dining chairs around the other long side and two short sides. You could, of course, add upholstered or even leather dining chairs, and they wouldn’t look out of place.

The appeal of dark wood

Dakota Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Dark wood is the ‘Marmite’ of the furniture world – you either love its drama or you hate it. We love it, especially when it comes in the superbly glorious shape of a dark wood refectory table.

Sublimely styled, it too boasts the column legs with carved detail and a glorious expanse of dark wood table top that brings its own drama to the dining room.

If there is one dining table that is the epitome of the hallowed dining halls of years past, it is this table. Retain the drama with dark wood dining chairs although we love matching velvet dining chairs in darker shades with this table.

Back to lighter oak tones

Hoxton Oak Farmhouse Dining Table

Coming full circle, we come back to the beauty of oak in this magnificent 8-seater dining table, an ideal addition to any home but if you have the farmhouse-style kitchen, you have found your farmhouse dining table.

It has presence. It has beauty. It oozes quality from every knot and grain. Slide a dining bench alongside one long edge to increase the seating space or keep it chic and elegance with neutral upholstered dining table. The beauty of cream or grey linen against it light finish allows the table to remain the important piece in the room.

Which would you choose?