Make sure your guests feel at home this Christmas

Winchester Reclaimed Wood Bedside

Renovating or revamping your guest room typically feels pretty far down the to-do list. Unless you’re someone who makes use of their guest room very regularly, often giving the guest room a little bit of love can feel a little… pointless.

But with Christmas just around the corner, now is the time of year your guest room will probably get the most use. That makes it the perfect time to update your room.


If you haven’t got much time to spare, making sure that your room is functional is the best approach. So think about the problems you have currently, and solve them.

Winchester Rustic Reclaimed Wood Bed

Missing a stylish reclaimed wood bed and comfortable mattress combination for your guests to get a good night’s sleep? That’s easily solve-able. Perhaps your guests are lacking a light for reading on your bed side tables or somewhere to store their clothes, like a large chest of drawers? Whatever it might be, think about how you can make your guests’ stay that little bit more enjoyable.

Work within your budget

Christmas is an expensive time, so your guests will forgive you if your guest bedroom does not look like it’s fit for a 5* hotel. But of course, there are plenty of things you can do without breaking the bank.

Making a list of things you’d like to add/do to your room and doing a little research is the best way to ensure you do not blow the budget.

Comfort and Style

If you have the basics of a guest bedroom already, there are plenty of ways you can add a little personality and warmth to your guest bedroom without spending many pennies.

Fresh white bedding is always a good shout, as is a lovely cosy blanket or two which guests can use if they get cold overnight. Add some plump, scatter cushions which match the colour scheme of your room to create a truly inviting bed.

Grayson Lounge Velvet Armchair

There are also other ways of adding colour and texture. Vintage rugs, like those from expert rug designer Louis de Poortere, add warmth and charisma to any space. Alternatively, a comfy armchair upholstered in velvet or soft fabric will be appreciated by guests. If you are lacking other storage space, this will also be a place they can drape coats and jackets. When you are not using your guest bedroom, you can always move your armchair into your living room or kitchen/diner to get the most out of your investment.

The Little Things

And of course, your room may already be almost ready to go. But there are always little things you can do to make your guests feel special.

Adding a glass and a carafe beside the bed is one of the most thoughtful things you can do (particularly after a night of Christmas celebrations). Fresh flowers also look lovely and add a personal touch.

Winchester Rustic Reclaimed Wood Bedside

If you use your guest bedroom for extra storage, make sure to clear a space when guests are on the way. A few empty drawers or hangers are sure to be appreciated.

And finally… top up your towels. Provide a stash of fresh towels and flannels and put there somewhere in clear view so they don’t have to spend time searching for them, or feeling awkward about asking.

Beds in Bedroom with Reclaimed Wood Side Table

Take a look at our full collection of reclaimed wood furniture and rustic furniture on the Modish Living website – a whole world of possibilities when it comes to renovating awaits.