Grey rugs, the perfect partner for almost any style

Louis de Poortere Rug in Dining Room

Grey is a fantastic colour to use and works well in every style from rustic to industrial and contemporary, just at home with an oak table with metal legs as with a reclaimed wood bed. You can just about get away with grey in the Scandinavian style too, although to stay true to its roots, keeps the addition of grey minimal. Introducing this neutral colour in the form of a grey rug also adds texture to space. Even better, a grey rug works in any room.

The dining room

A grey rug in the dining room provides a platform around which the entire room can be styled – no matter what room you are styling, always start with the rug and build around it.

What we love about grey rugs is their versatility and for the texture, they add to a room. In the dining room, you want to create a style that lends itself equally to occasional formal dinner parties as well as acting as an informal family dining room.

Louis de Poortere Vintage Patchwork Black and White

This patchwork patterned grey rug is a superb base, fitting well with both the formal and informal look we need.

Hoxton Cross Leg Oak Dining Table

It is a divine partner to the industrial dining table, complementing the grey dining chairs, ideal for adding cohesion. An open shelved, slim console table is the final piece that complements the industrial style dining room.

Raffles Reclaimed Wood Industrial Console Table

In the living room

You may want to opt for neutral colours in the living room but in a home with pets or a family home, neutral shades of beige, cream and white are simply not functional. Grey offers more leeway in terms of neutrality with the warmth of dark grey rug with a traditional pattern a sheer delight.

Louis de Poortere Grey Neutral Rug

Add the ‘glamour look’ with the use of high shine metallic surfaces such as the Hanbury sofa, available in a two and three seater option.

Hanbury Fabric Sofa

Against the backdrop of cream and grey, this golden yellow velvet armchair is a sheer delight. In fact, if you are looking for a pop of colour against grey, golden or mustard yellow with deeper, earthier tones is ideal.

Blackbone Industrial Oak Square Coffee Table

The golden frame of the industrial coffee table, from our new-in Blackbone Collection, makes the ideal addition too.

In the bedroom

Grey is a beautiful colour in the bedroom. We’ve opted for a blue-based grey in this lighter grey rug from the Lois de Poortere collection. Cooler and lighter in shade is a refreshing backdrop for the bedroom. Married with the warmth of a reclaimed wood bed, the appearance is not too cold or harsh.

Louis de Poortere Atlantic Streaks Coney Grey Rug

We’ve opted from the solid wood sleigh bed from the Winchester range, a superior example of the beauty of reclaimed wood furniture. Sitting atop the grey rug, you have the perfect backdrop for moving your style in any direction – opt for warmer shades for the Scandinavian look, or pastels to bring a hint of the farmhouse, for example.

Winchester Reclaimed Wood Bed in Bedroom

We’ve aimed this look towards the rustic adding a wooden blanket box for storage as well as this light oak small shelf ladder. Unassuming, it is an exquisite piece and one that is proving popular.

Light Raw Oak Small Ladder

Is grey rug something you have considered? Which room do you think it works best in?