Our Best Sellers throughout 2019

Series of cut outs of tables and a sideboard with 2019 written in balloons

As 2019 nears its end, we look back at what our customers have been loving this year.

Industrial dining

The industrial style is limitless in its appeal and the trend for industrial design is showing no signs of slowing down. And when it comes to the dining table, the industrial look is certainly one that our customers are choosing over many others.

An industrial and Rustic Wood Medium Dining Set

The Lansdowne 6 seater dining table has proved a particularly big hit and no wonder. The classic fusion of the black steel frame with the reclaimed wood tabletop is a classic design that will never date.

As well as faux leather dining chairs, pairing the table with a dining bench has also proved a big hit this year.

Extending dining tables

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table

We’ve written extensively on the beauty and versatility of the extending dining table in the family home and so it’s no wonder that the Standford reclaimed wood extending dining table has been a popular purchase throughout 2019.

A beautiful piece for your dining room, it comes in two lengths, perfect as a 6 and 8-seater dining table.

Spider legs dining table

The detailing of the spider leg dining table is one reason why they have been super popular over the course of the year. The current trend is to make the most of the space around the dining table which is why we have two best sellers in this category.

An Industrial and Rustic Oak Spider Leg Dining Table

The Rocco oak spider leg is an excellent example of industrial furniture. Another prime example is the Mitcham industrial oak spider leg dining table. Pair it with upholstered or leather dining chairs of your choice for a personalised and stylish finish.

Small dining solutions

Informal and small dining spaces don’t miss out either with many of our customers looking to create a stylish dining zone separate to the larger dining table.

We have plenty of options but the one smaller dining table that has proved popular in 2019 has been the bar table.

Industrial Lansdowne Rustic Wood Bar Table

Perfect for any stylish setting, our industrial Lansdowne rustic wood bar table has topped the list of popular items in 2019. Team it with a wooden sideboard in the dining area and you have handy storage solutions available too.


Talking of wooden sideboards, they have remained in constant demand throughout the year. Keeping a bit on the side was a popular choice, whether in the kitchen, dining room or the living room. A statement sideboard seems to be the furniture item of the moment.

A reclaimed wood and industrial sideboard

Both the medium and larger Standford reclaimed wood sideboard have been a popular purchase as too has the Farringdon reclaimed wood sideboard, again available in a medium and large size.

Nudging its way onto the list in all its shiny metallic glory is the Aviator industrial sideboard, in particular, the jet brass finish.

What will 2020 hold?

Styles and trends for 2020 are promising yet more excitement in terms of the finishes and design we will be opting for. But for now, let’s bask in the glory that 2019 bestowed on us.