Quick ways to spruce up your living room

Brown leather sofa with industrial coffee table

With visitors allowed back inside, it’s time to show off your living style. Many of us have already been doing some much-needed re-decorating jobs in our homes but if not, here we have put together some ideas to quickly transform and update your living room ready for guests.

Rearrange the furniture

It’s amazing how moving a chair or large sideboard out of a room can make such a difference to the space you have. You can try your 3 seater leather sofa in some different positions in the room. Maybe you had to bring in a work-from-home-desk and had the kids in there with their toys for the last year or so. Now is the time to sort through what has accumulated and recycle / dispose of it or put it back in the kid’s rooms.

Brown leather sofa with industrial shelving and display of plants

Restyle your bookcase or sideboard

If you have a bookcase in your living room you may have been using it to keep work-related items on – if you’re back in the office you can put these away now. Clear it of old books and add some decorative pieces or houseplants, so you’re turning it more into a display unit. Reclaimed wood shelves are perfect as they bring another element of nature into your living space and we all now know that house plants are a great addition to any room and are proven to be good for your health. If you have a sideboard then get a couple of new decorative pieces to stand on it.

Reclaimed wood sideboard with two cupboards and three drawersPhoto featuring: Chelwood Nordic Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

Repaint the room

We did say this was quick transformations and this is a bit of a bigger job but it’s amazing how painting can freshen a room. With the kids being at home more and as much space as possible being needed then you may not have had the opportunity to decorate over the last year. Now is the time, ready for welcoming guests! You don’t have to do the whole room either – you may just want to paint, or even wallpaper, one feature wall to bring in a new colour scheme.

White modern sofa in living room with green feature wall and green plants

Buy new cushions, throws and curtains

If you have a neutral leather couch then you can really play with different colour schemes to quickly give your room a fresh new look. Mix fabrics, patterns and colours to add interest, an accent velvet armchair in a contrasting colour is also a lovely feature in a room. The windows are another place where you can change things up a bit – get some new curtains in your colour scheme – or opt for some neutral blinds if you prefer a more minimalist style. The most important thing here though is – clean windows!

Grey fabric chesterfield sofa with large artwork on the wall and two table lamps

Change your rug & bring in some wall art

A floor can get to look a bit worn over the years, whether it is carpet or wood. For a quick fix, you can put a rug down to cover this up. This is also a good idea if you have a new floor to protect areas that are walked on more – again it is a great way to reinforce a new colour scheme.