Re-vamp your guest bedroom for overnight guests

White bedcovers with gold and white cushions and ornaments on shelf behind

White bed covers with orange cushion ornaments on wooden headboard

Now we are finally allowed people over to stay you may be looking for a few ideas to get the guest room ready for overnight guests….seems like ages doesn’t it! With the spare room being used for a completely different purpose, or not at all over the last year or so, it may need a bit of a freshen-up, clear-out and re-vamp.

Always number one! – clear the clutter

De-cluttering can completely transform a room, the clear space will make the room feel less claustrophobic and will give a much more relaxed feel for your guests. You will also be able to keep it cleaner with fewer dust catchers around – making it quicker to clean and prepare for your next overnight guests!

Spoil your guests with indulgent touches

It’s been so long….. spoil your guests a little. Add some fresh-cut flowers in a vase or a houseplant or two. Use scented candles or a diffuser to give the room a fresh or relaxing atmosphere. Put together a little basket of treats for your guests to enjoy in their room, you can include some fruit, snacks, a chocolate bar or two and some soft drinks like water or orange juice.

Metal bedframe with wooden bedside table and round clock

Bring in some character with reclaimed wood furniture

A wooden super king bed with a good mattress will be a treat for anyone to sleep in. Get the bed all cosy and inviting looking with different textured cushions piled up against the headboard and add some throws to create a layered look. If you want to give the room a whole new look you can add other pieces of rustic furniture – a large chest of drawers so there’s plenty of room for your guests to put away their clothes – and a narrow bedside table, an essential addition for them to place a drink, book or charge their phone overnight. Check out our Winchester range for this – stunning reclaimed wood furniture hand made to order right here in our UK workshop.

Photo featuring: Winchester Reclaimed Wood Bed

Add a rug to cover up worn carpet or flooring

A new floor rug not only makes a room feel cosier, but it’s also a great way to reinforce your colour scheme… and also perfect for covering over worn flooring or carpet. In a bedroom with a wooden floor, I would definitely add a rug to both sides of the bed so your guest has something nice to step on when they get out of bed.

Large king size bed with white, yellow and grey covers and cushions and artwork on the walls

Add some personal touches

Add some pictures to the wall to give the room some personality. If you are not a fan of paintings or prints you can hang up family photos or get a feature wall mirror.

White painted blanket box with natural wood top

Buy a blanket box

A blanket box at the foot of the bed is perfect to keep spare bedding and pillows in. If you have guests to stay during a warm spell you can pop the heavy duvet away in there. But we all know it could be much cooler in the next few days so it’s a great place to keep it handy for them. Spare pillows can also be put in there. And of course, the top provides another surface in the room to put things down like their travelling bags or a tray of tea or coffee.