Our Gift on Galileo’s birthday: Ideas to Display Your Books

Reclaimed wood bookcase in living room

As Galileo Galilei’s birthday passes, we are able to reflect on the remarkable discoveries he made. As an astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician, he led a scientific revolution in the 17th Century. Galileo was known for his superior mind. Galileo Galilei inventions continue to be embraced in today’s technology. He revealed amazing astronomical discoveries that have led to significant scientific breakthroughs today, inspiring many with his work. A celebrated author, he has also had many books written about him and his work over the past 400 years. Do you have any in your rustic bookcase? If not, it may be an excellent way to celebrate his birthday by reading some of his great works.

Rustica Nilson Large shelving unit display cabinet

Display Your Book Treasures

If you’re someone who owns many books – or is looking to add to their collection with some of the great scientific works of our time, like Galileo, then you may be faced with the struggle of finding a great way to keep them all on display where it is not only easy to see them all, but to have access to them too. No matter how you do it, you need a bookcase that not only contains but shows off your treasured books – especially if you want to show your intellect with some of the greatest classics, and non-fiction texts adorning your shelves.

Hudson Living room brooklyn bookcase open shelving cabinet display

The bookcases available in high street stores are usually plain, simple and more than a bit bland. Overall, they don’t add any natural appeal to a room. If you want a fantastic piece that will look amazing in your living room, why not try a rustic bookcase similar to this open-shelf design? The simple yet elegant design can easily be added to any room. It will look great with pretty much anything on it.

For a slightly more unique design, why not try a shorter but wider shelving unit with added drawers and a cupboard? Made from reclaimed wood, it is a beautiful piece. It is sturdy enough to display books, art or anything else for that matter. It adds character to a room, too, especially when you pair it with a vase of flowers to give an effortless shabby chic style.

Oak ladder bookcase open shelving scandinavian design

Finding smart ideas to maximize space in the bedroom is pretty much what everyone is looking for. With this ladder bookcase you can effortlessly display all the books you have. As a tall unit, it doesn’t take up much floor space; it is also thin meaning it doesn’t feel bulky or large.

Getting More Form Your Bookcase

Whatever it is you love to read, why not add a contemporary look to your bookshelf by breaking up the rows of books by including plants to soften corners. Or, for a real quirky and unique statement, add a vintage bicycle into your living room next to the bookcase.

Bookcase display unit in living room with decoration details

Lighting is also a great way to pinpoint key features in your room and really make them stand out. For a quick, easy solution, use plain fairy lights with a soft glow or, for a longer-term solution, use backlights to make your bookcase glow. LED strip lights can be added to shelves to help them stand out too.

And don’t forget to incorporate picture frames, small pot plants and little ornaments in your rustic bookcase to bring your display unit and bookcase to life, as well as clustering your books together to create a display that is not chaotic to the eye.

Whether it’s Galileo or Goethe you prefer to read, or perhaps something a little more modern, there’s no reason not to show off your books and make them a design feature in themselves!