Find out all you need to know about the industrial style

Industrial Lowry wooden high bar table and stools

Industrial style showcases all that is rough and ready. The style came to fruition when we started converting old industrial buildings and steelworks into homes. Rather then plastering over, painting, and carpeting the original features, we chose to celebrate the intriguing design benefits that industrial buildings have. The trend has become so big and so well-loved that we are now introducing industrial chic in to everyday homes and more contemporary spaces.

Hyatt Canning Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Set Table and Benches

What to include when imitating industrial style?

To achieve true industrial style, you should include some or all of the below elements in your home – depending on how far you’re willing to take the trend:

  • Exposed or painted brick
  • Exposed metal (rusting and painted)
  • Exposed wood
  • Unique lighting, often oversized and old factory pendants
  • Vintage signage
  • Industrial furniture
  • Vintage decor
  • Recycled/ Upcycled furniture or ornaments

It doesn’t matter whether you live in an old converted industrial building or the average modern home, you can introduce the industrial style in many different ways, room by room. Choosing key pieces of furniture will help you achieve industrial style quickly and easily.

Industrial Lowry Reclaimed Wood Bar Table and stools in room

Industrial dining

Industrial dining furniture is a sure-fire way to bring industrial style into your dining room or kitchen. An industrial dining table can be statement piece that oozes industrial chic and reflects our industrial heritage. Made from steel, which has been created with recycled metal, and reclaimed wood gives dining furniture character and history; making it a real talking piece at a dinner party, as well as very functional.

Indiana Industrial Pendant light

Finishing touches

To finish off your dining space look you could introduce some industrial style lighting. Hanging an industrial pendant light over your industrial table adds interest and ambiance to your dining experience. Industrial pendant lights are incredibly stylish, you could use subtle styles, so you can hang more than one to created a striking look or perhaps pair it with another style of pendant for a truly unique industrial space that is all you. Industrial pendants often contain vintage filament lamps, giving you a sultry and sophisticated atmosphere.

Lightning and lamp kingston Table lamp

Industrial Living

Moving through to your living space, you can easily breath some industrial style into your room by adding an industrial reading lamp. These pieces are very typical of industrial chic lighting. They’re so on trend and you can see why; they can be such statement pieces and can easily transform a side table from normal to industrial in an instant. This style of lamp is also a very functional reading lamp due to its ability to be multi-positional.

Adding an industrial coffee table to your living space gives you a main industrial feature, especially helpful in homes that are from the modern era. Placed over exposed wooden flooring and a vintage rug and industrial table shows off upcycled chic to its fullest.

Wooden and bespoke reclaimed wood industrial coffee table in living room

You can go industrial in the smallest of spaces

If you do not have a space solely for a dining room, perhaps you have a corner in your living room just screaming out for an industrial bar table. Using a bar table and bar stools to make the most of a small space is a great way to make your home more functional, as well as giving it the industrial look you crave. Again, here, you can use exposed wood and metal to capture the industrial style, combine with some neutral, textured fabric on the stools to bring comfort and function together.

There’s so much you can do with industrial style, even in the most contemporary of homes. Done right, industrial style doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or too stark either – find the right accessories, such as rugs and cushions to complement your furniture, and you can have it all.