Renovation – Good to know tips for the dining room

Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Spider Leg Dining Table

Renovating your home is a great way of placing your own stamp on things. In this post, we cover making a perfect dining room for you and your family. But what do you need to consider?

The Budget

We can’t start anywhere else other than with budget because this is the factor that dictates what you can achieve at this point. On one hand, your budget may stretch to a perfectly acceptable renovation of the décor including dining room furniture or it may extend to knowing down walls, new windows and the like.

Budget Planning

The knack is not to overstretch your budget, achieving changes that work for you but doing it a way that spells a quality finish.

Plan it

There will be hiccups when you renovate the dining room or kitchen/diner so it’s important that you plan the project and have a method or schedule which you follow.

Woman Planning Design Dining Room

A bit like project managing, you need to have an overview of everything from a tight hold of the budget to making sure you have the right tradespeople on site, at the time you need them. There are materials to order as well as dining room furniture including the must-have reclaimed wood dining table with upholstered dining chairs!

Get the space right

Before you start buying rugs and other essential pieces, you need to get the dining room space right. This means making the best use of the space available from adding an L-shaped kitchen diner to a larger open plan kitchen. Or you may be renovating a formal dining room.

Don’t forget large spaces need zoning so don’t assume that just because you have an open plan kitchen with dining room that a table alone will denote the change in use of the space.

A great ‘divider’ is a rug. Perfect for zoning the eating area, a large rug under the extendable dining table with chairs and a dining bench works wonders for creating order in an open space.

Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Spider Leg Dining Table

Other pieces of furniture that help to zone a space are shelving unit – try open, industrial shelving units as room ‘markers’, for example – and a rustic sideboard. A reclaimed wood sideboard is perfect for hiding away dining paraphernalia as well.

Add as much light as possible

This is a two-fold exercise;

  • Firstly, maximise natural light – if your budget stretches to it, consider making windows larger, such as patio doors out onto the garden if that is possible.
  • Secondly, pay close attention to ambient light – from floor lamps to table lamps, to hanging pendant and statement features, ambient light creates the backdrop you need for both function and cosiness to a room.

The flooring options

Before you start selecting wall colour, you need to make sure you have the major components in place in the dining room.

With light maximised, functional and responsive, you need to make sure the flooring in the dining room is perfect for what you need too because this is something not easily changed (but dining room rugs are!).

And then, wall colour…

With everything in place, you can add the wall colour and start to put your new dining room sets in place too!