Making a statement with a grand dining room

Barclay Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

A large room is a gift when it comes to décor and style, as well as choice of furniture. Without space constraints, you can really add the touches that you want.

But just as it is a great space to dress, it can be difficult to get right. And so, if you are entertaining with dinner parties and want to make a statement with your large dining room, we have some amazing ideas.

THE dining table

If there is one thing we love about a large space it is the statement you can make with furniture, and when it is the dining room, the grander the dining table, the better.

Hoxton Oak Farmhouse Dining Table

As you know, we have many options but make a statement with not just size but style too with the Hoxton farmhouse dining table. Pair with velvet or leather dining chairs – both comfortable and beautiful – and you’ll have a tempting table to invite your guests to.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Generous with both its dimensions and style, this is a beautiful piece as is the Kensington dining table. For an idea of how it can looking a large, bright and airy kitchen diner, take a look at how a customer, Sarah Jane of Just a Little Build, has styled her Luxe Kensington dining table.

If you do entertain often, you’ll want plenty of versatility when it comes to space. Many of our already-large tables are extending dining tables, perfect for when you need a 12 seat dining table occasionally…. An extending dining table to seat 12 doesn’t have to mean your dining room is taken up by table when you’re not actually seating the full 12.

Go bespoke

When it comes to the dining table, we find that for the larger space, a bespoke dining table and bench or upholstered dining chairs are great investment pieces.

Beam Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Bench

You make a double statement with both the bespoke dimensions of the table and dining bench but also by maintaining the style you love.

The dining room rug

If you have opted for hard flooring, you will find that a flat weave rug will add a different texture that helps to lift and frame the room, something that is important in a larger room.

Err on the side of a larger rug, and again, be bold with colour and pattern. We find that starting with the rug before wall colour is much easier when it comes to symmetry and cohesion.

Colour & pattern

In essence, you have no worries about the large dining room being too dark or closed in by pattern. In fact, you have the opposite concern – not enough pattern and it feels bland, and too light a colour and it can feel cold.

Choose a luxurious wallpaper for a feature wall, creating complementing wall colour on the remaining walls. Or why not be very daring and create a statement with the wallpaper or vibrant colour throughout?

If you prefer neutral walls, make a bold statement with wall art, something that can be changed as the seasons roll on by…

… Work with the seasons too

From the bright natural light and warmth of summer to the golden hues of autumn and the twinkling lights of the festive season, add seasonal ‘adjustments’ to your dining room to give it a little extra zing. A bowl of autumn fruits on the sideboard cabinet can work wonders to create an atmosphere.

Barclay Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

The statement dining room ceiling light

Whether you opt for a traditional droplet chandelier or an uber-modern, industrial-styled hanging pendant, you can afford to make a huge statement with the main light in the larger dining room.

Position your beautiful bespoke dining table beneath and watch your dining table sparkle the next time you host a dinner party.