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Round or square dining tables for small spaces?

Round or square dining tables for small spaces?

There are those who will not be swayed from their love of the round dining table but there are others who argue the grandeur of a square dining table is not to be underestimated. But for a smaller dining room where space is limited, is there a clear winner in the argument?

1 Consider the flow in the dining room

There are those that say the square edges and angles of the square dining table do not lend themselves well to people moving around it. The smaller round dining table, they say, is much better. With no angles and corners, the very circular nature of a round table means that flow in the smaller space is encouraged and emphasised.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Square Dining Table

This doesn’t mean that a round dining table should be the only option. The simplicity of the square dining table, such as this industrial styled piece from the Mitcham Collection, would suit the smaller space perfectly.

2 Improves conversation between dining guests

Whether you are entertaining or it is the daily family meal, the dining table is an important platform for bringing people together, young and old. There are those who say that the round dining table encourages the flow of conversation.

With a round dining table, there is no ‘head of the table’, no one person ‘in charge’ or more ‘powerful’ than the rest, something that is denoted at rectangular dining tables the world over. And so the dining table, whether it is a generous 6-seater dining table in the dining room, or a smaller, more compact (and extendable) round wood dining table is perfect for every dining room, larger or small.

Standford Round Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

3 Ideal for all size spaces

The round dining table undoubtedly holds its own when it comes to being the perfect match for the smaller dining space. But this doesn’t mean the round dining table can’t or shouldn’t make an impact.

The industrial style is delicious in so many ways. It is a fusion of strong materials, all with an industrial character and history that supports the use of reclaimed wood in so many ways. It’s no wonder that reclaimed wood furniture is so very popular and in particular the reclaimed wood dining table.

But make a real stylish impact with a look-at-me industrial dining table. It oozes decadence, a mix of materials and design that means this dining table from the Luxe Kensington Collection is a must-have. Pair it with beautiful upholstered dining chairs and you have the perfect stylish combination.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Round Dining Table

The reclaimed wood round dining table from the Blackbone Collection also means that the round dining table is more than capable of making a statement, despite its smaller size in terms of dimension. It doesn’t make a smaller style statement, however…

Blackbone Round Dining Table

So who wins the argument – the round dining table or the square dining table?

It’s still 50/50. Essentially, it comes down to personal preference as well as ensuring that whichever shape of dining table you choose, the room can accommodate it and you can move around it easily. And that means getting your tape measure out…

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