Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of our latest photoshoot

A photographer taking a close up photo of our Sussex Oak Parquet Industrial Oval Dining Table

Discover how our furniture and homeware are brought to life on set of our photoshoots.

Our Sussex Oak Parquet Industrial Oval Dining Table having its closeup taken by our photographer.

Simon, our photographer, getting the right angle of our Sussex Oak Parquet Industrial Oval Dining Table. Don’t you think the black Bamboo Orbital pendant light complements the black metal spider legs wonderfully?

It’s been a busy few months here at Modish Living HQ! As well as sourcing, selling and ensuring the delivery of our beautiful reclaimed wood furniture and sustainably sourced furniture and homeware, we embarked on a series of lifestyle photoshoots. Four shoot days, 15 different interior settings in one studio, using over 25 items of furniture… It was a lot of work, but a hell of a lot of fun! Go with us behind the scenes and discover what it takes to get the perfect shot.

The first shoot was held on a stifling hot day in July and a sense of eager anticipation was heating up in the Modish Living studio as much as the temperature outside. The styling props were being unwrapped, the furniture assembled and Macy and Dave, our resident pooches, were wagging their tails in excitement.

While good design speaks for itself, it is the interior experts who help style and shoot our collections that truly bring them to life. We teamed up with stylist, Gemma Gear, and photographer, Simon Eldon, to create the inspiring set of visuals you see on our website and social channels.

Using her brilliant eye for detail and knowledge of interior trends, Gemma had already created a multiple of mood boards with the key creative direction for each scene. With the furniture in situ, Gemma put her styling magic to work, dressing the sets with a mixture of Modish Living home accessories and other props to bring a little reality and create a genuine ‘at-home’ environment.

Collage of furniture and homeware in earthy tones

This helps you visualise how our collections could work in your home. We all know that no matter how lovely it is, a wooden table on its own can sometimes look a little uninspiring. Set it within a dining room with complementing upholstered dining chairs, a wooden sideboard, big mirror and modern lighting, dressed in beautiful linen table covers, stoneware and glasses and you can see the reclaimed wood dining table in its full lust-worthy glory.

Once the set is ready it’s time to get snap happy. Simon begins by taking a series of shots from various angles, each with different exposure times to get different lighting effects. It’s all very technical and as Simon waves his bright camera lights around to create different shadows and highlight particular elements in a shot, we’re thankful to have his photographic expertise.

It takes a number of attempts to get the shot we want. We look at different chair options. Should we use leather dining chairs or a wooden bench? Does a tall planter look better than a large plant? Once we’re all happy, it’s straight onto the next scene – well, maybe a brief, but absolutely essential, interlude for a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit! The furniture for the next shoot has already been assembled and whilst Gemma is busy styling the new set, the previously photographed furniture and props are dismantled and boxed safely away before the team start assembling the pieces for the next shot – as you can well imagine, it’s all go!

It’s a long day, and as we watch the sun setting behind the sea (the perks of having a studio with sea views!), we’re exhausted but thrilled with the end results.

Our Amalfi Industrial H-Bar Oak Dining Table is surrounded by props and camera equipment, and ready to get its picture taken in our studio.

Our Amalfi Industrial H-Bar Oak Dining Table looking ready for its close-up

Cute dog sitting in front of our Stamford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Extending Table whilst it's being shot by our photographer.

Macy trying to steal the limelight from our stunningly styled Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Extending Table

Our stylist adding the finishing touches to our Large Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table Dining Set before it's ready for the photoshoot.

Gemma adds the finishing touches to our Large Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table Dining Set. Did you spot our new Sintra Round Wall Mirror in the background?

Our photographer inspecting the pictures just snapped of our Dorset Reclaimed Wood Extending Table

Simon checking how his shot of our Dorset Reclaimed Wood Extending Table with Bamboo Darcy Double Pendant light looks on screen.

Our lovely team discussing behind the scenes of our photoshoot

Gemma and Simon with co-founder, Hellen, bringing our Mitcham Spider Leg Industrial Dining Table to life.

Behind the scenes of our photoshoot where pendants are adjusted.

From stylish dining room to a chic bedroom.

A King Charles Spaniel lying on the floor with an interior photoshoot happening in the background

Our resident model back in the frame, showing us her best side!

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